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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to use the Review pages in your Plannerisms Planner

The Plannerisms planner incorporates methods that have been proven to help you set and reach your goals. One of these methods is regular reviews.

At the backs of the weekly booklets there are designated pages for your Half Year and Annual reviews.

These spaces are where you ask yourself questions like:

What went well in the past six/ twelve months?

What goals did I complete?

Which goals have I not completed?

What prevented me from completing these goals? (Roadblocks)

What can I change in order to break through these roadblocks?

Have any of my goals changed during the course of the past six/ twelve months?

Which goals became irrelevant?

After you have figured all of these out, you can decide what your goals should be for the next six/ twelve months.

Some people like to do monthly, and even mid-month reviews to stay on top of their progress. There is space for this in the Notes pages that are between every month's spread.

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  1. I *love* how your planners incorporate both goal setting and more importantly *reflection* into the pages. It really is so crucial and it's a pleasure to see such a well-thought out planner in existence :-)


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