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Saturday, December 3, 2016

2017 'Dear Me' Combined Diary, Planner & Notebook by Steve

I was sent this diary to review after ''Journals of a Lifetime' had revised the interior design of the pages. So thank you to Helen and the team at 'Journals of a Lifetime' for this sample. 

The Bullet Diary is a hard back covered diary of some 230 pages in total. It is slightly bigger than A5 at 230mm by 165mm so ideally suited as a desk diary. 

The start of the diary has some lined space may be to write down your thoughts and ideas at the beginning of the year.

There is an index page which will make finding the months easier, the pages are numbered as well. On the left hand page there is space for you to record an index to key events etc during the year.

There is a Year at a Glance to help you quickly check dates. May be use a colour coding scheme to shade in key dates and holidays etc.

Then there is a monthly future planner, again useful for jotting down slightly more details about future events and commitments.

Then at the start of each month there is a month on one page calendar which you can use as you wish.

We then get to the week view diary pages which is nicely divided in to tines, activities, daily goals, weekly goals etc. There is also a quote for each week. A space to tabulate the symbols you have used against your activities in true bullet journal style.

After each week there is a double page lined section which you can use for notes, may be as a journal or what ever you wish for planning or journalling about the past or the next week.

Journals of a Lifetime do a wide range of specialist diaries and notebooks, check out their website for full details.

And thank you to Laurie for letting me post this review.

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