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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Create achievable goals for 2017!

If you are looking to get your life together in 2017 and make changes big or small, the Plannerisms planner can help you every step of the way. It is designed to help you set and track annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

The weekly pages help you work your goals into your daily schedule, and let you track your progress. (For tips on how to use the weekly pages, click here.)

There are pages to write your annual goals, break them down into quarterly goals, do mid-year and annual reviews, write your monthly goals and reviews, and more.


The pages are not prescribed, there is no set way to use them. The flexible formats allow you to use your Plannerisms planner in the way that works best for you. You can even use it differently week to week if you like.

For more info and photos of the Plannerisms planner, click here.

For ordering info, click here.

For tips on how to use your weekly pages, goals pages, and review pages in your Plannerisms planner, click here.

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  1. Thanks, Laurie. These look great!
    Wishing you a merry Christmas & a happy New Year.


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