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Monday, October 4, 2010

2011 Quo Vadis Minister Habana

Many thanks to Karen for sending me this 2011 Minister weekly planner with the Habana cover!

I had never seen a Habana cover before, it is wonderful!  More on the cover in a few minutes, first some details of the Minister planner.

Those of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning may remember that the 2010 Minister was the first planner I reviewed here on Plannerisms!  The 2011 Minister has a few changes and updates that I want to highlight.

First, some things that are the same: Quo Vadis USA planners are made in the USA.  The Minister uses the famous Clairefontaine silky-smooth 90 g white paper that is a joy to write on.  Fountain pen users especially love this paper because there is no bleed-through or feathering.  The paper is acid-free, archival and sustainably sourced.

The Minister has a two-page Anno-Planning calendar with the entire year at a glance for 2011, and another for 2012.

There are pages of useful international information like calling codes, minimum and maximum monthly temperatures, international holidays, a very useful and accurate time zones map, and detailed maps of the continents.

The weekly format is still the same, with some updates.  Like the 2011 Trinote, the 2011 Minister has smaller fonts and a cleaner look to the weekly pages.

Here is a comparison between the 2010 and 2011 Ministers.  You can see the smaller fonts and larger Priority boxes in the 2011 version (click on photo to enlarge). 
Also for 2011, the holidays take up less space in the Priority box.
There are no more words in the list boxes, only icons to guide you.  This gives more space for writing in the list boxes and looks more streamlined.
The Minister is sized 6 1/4 by 9 1/2 inches and is only about half an inch thick, making it very slimline and portable. The weekly planning section starts the first week of December 2010 (first day is November 29) and goes through the end of December 2011.

Now, on to the glory of the Habana cover!  

This cover is the gorgeous new Raspberry color.  The cover has a smooth leather-like feel to it.  
The elastic closure is color-matched to the cover. The Quo Vadis logo is subtly embossed on the bottom corner.
Quo Vadis is embossed at the bottom of the back cover.
The cover is stiff but not hard, with some flex to it.
There is a RIBBON PLACE MARKER, which is fantastic!

The corners are rounded. And, there is an expandable pocket in the back.
Please note, the planner is bound into the Habana cover, and is not refillable (unlike some of the other Quo Vadis covers like Club and Soya). Also, the Habana does not include the removable address booklet that comes with the refillable covers.

The entire book is very elegant and luxurious.  The look and feel of the cover and paper are extremely high quality in every way.  Click here to see a list of Quo Vadis planners (in daily and weekly formats, academic and calendar year, in various sizes) that are available with the Habana cover.

You can buy the Quo Vadis Minister with the Habana cover online at The Daily Planner and at these websites

The Habana cover is also available as a notebook, in small and large sizes and a variety of colors, with lined or blank pages.  You can order them at The Daily Planner.


  1. Beautiful planner. Would like the notebook but cost of shipping to UK probably not justified :-(

  2. CB, the Quo Vadis UK website has Habana notebooks, but they are slightly different. The paper is ivory, not white. This raspberry cover is available in A6 size, but not this A5 size. The A5 Habana notebooks are available in black, red or orange, lined, blank or squared. Here is the link to the UK website:


  3. Ooooh thanks Laurie. Now I have fallen in love with their club notebooks in teal and fushcia pink!

  4. I can confirm that the Clairefontaine paper used in Quo Vadis diaries and notebooks is the best I've ever written on. It's very smooth and really nice. QV have worked really hard to have excellent paper, and they've succeeded! You really can't go wrong with any Quo Vadis notebook.

    Here in a little while I will post my review of my new Quo Vadis Textagenda, with its Club cover in Grenadine Pink! So you'll get to see photos of that cover. :)


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