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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mesmerizing Moleskine Planners Video

I love this short video about the 2011 Moleskine planners!


Even though I know it's not actual people's agendas written into the planner pages, I'm still fascinated by all the different ways to use the planners.

And I have to admit, I really like that the Moleskine planners are available in so many sizes and formats now.

But I still have a couple of requests:

I'd love to see the Weekly Panoramic in the Large size (pocket is too small for me, but I love the Panoramic layout).

7 days as columns like in the A4 weekly but in the more portable Extra Large size.  I think the slightly squarish shape of the Extra Large would lend itself nicely to the 8 column layout.

What do you say, Moleskine?

What do you think?  What are your favorite Moleskine planner formats?  What would you like them to add to their collection?


  1. Your wishes though Laurie sound just like a TriNote to me....!!!!

    Great video though..


  2. LOL Steve, you are right! Either of those would be very Trinote-like. I guess the Trinote has become my standard of planner perfection?

  3. Wow - the A4 Daily would be perfect for work! Ah well, can't have TOO many planners can we?


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