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Friday, October 15, 2010

Me And My Trinote

Apparently I am unable to function without my Trinote! 

My Daily Diary + Weekly Planner was a failed experiment.  Writing appointments and events in 4 or 5 places was stressing me out, to say the least.  Using two separate planners made me feel scattered.  And the worst part was, my weekly To Do list was not visible enough on my weekly planner page, and not categorizing them caused a mass jumble of tasks in no particular order.  I hate to call it a Planner Fail necessarily, it was just an experiment that didn't work out.

So it's happily back to my Trinote I go, back to order and organization!  The large daily columns and categorized list boxes just can't be beat. Nothing else keeps me organized like my Tri.  I keep getting interested in other planners out of curiosity, but I keep coming back to my Trinote because it works the best for me.

Also, with all this talk about the Philofaxy event next month, I've been missing my Filofax a lot.  I hadn't been using it at all lately, but I realized I could adapt the things I like about my Life Book (like the Budget and Expenditure pages, Goals and Monthly Reviews) easily. In fact, those things will be easier to find in tabbed sections in my Filofax than the way they are currently embedded in the Monthly section in the Life Book.

So now my setup is:

My Trinote is my weekly Master Planner. I write all appointments, to dos, notes, expenditures, and other things to record each day in the big daily spaces, and categorized task lists for the week in the list boxes.  This prevents my "out of sight, out of mind" by keeping everything visible.  My Trinote goes everywhere with me in my bag.  I already have the 2011 Trinote so as appointments and events need scheduling into next year, I write them straight into next year's Tri.

My Deco Filofax is my everything-except-my-planner book where I have sections for my Goals and Monthly reviews, Financial with expenditure and budget totals for each month, and everything else.  I have also updated my inspirational Me section.  My Filofax stays home most of the time, but will come with me when I travel.

My Habana notebook is now my journal, and I absolutely love it. The smooth, thick paper has such a nice feel to it, it adds to the relaxing experience of writing in my journal.

Many thanks to my sister yet again for her sensible planner counseling services!

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