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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daycraft: The Delicious Notebooks

Here are a couple of delicious-looking notebooks from Daycraft: the Cookie Bookie and the Juicy Notebook!

First up, the Cookie Bookie.  This is the Cheese Cracker one, and this seriously makes me want to eat some cheese crackers.
The cover is thick and padded, and measures about 4 3/4 inches square.
The lined pages are a wonderful cheesy orange color.  But don't let the fun appearance fool you: this is some seriously great paper. The 90 gsm weight makes it fountain-pen friendly.
Even the spine is orange, giving the book a very realistic cheese-cracker look!

Next up, the Orange Juicy Notebook:
The soft flexible cover has a slight orange-peel texture to it.  The book is A6 size (6 by 4 1/2 inches) so it's very portable.

Inside the cover looks just like a cut orange:
The lined pages have fruit details on each page.  The 100 gsm paper is cream colored and very smooth, again ideal for fountain pens or your pen of choice.
There is a felt orange leaf bookmarker to mark your place.

Daycraft continues to provide top-quality products in new and fun designs.  These are not your ordinary notebooks!

Don't forget you can order many Daycraft products from the Vera Chan website, and enter code "plannerisms" at checkout to get 20% off all products!

These notebooks were sent to me from Daycraft as samples to review.  Many thanks to Daycraft!

I have more reviews of new Daycraft products coming soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Mouthwatering! Especially the cheese cracker one. Very cute :-)


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