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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2013 diaries now available from Quo Vadis UK and Organised Mum

The 2013 range of diaries are now available on QuoVadis-diaries.co.uk and Organised-Mum.co.uk!

Quo Vadis diaries are known for their spectacularly smooth paper and structured formats. I've reviewed many Quo Vadis diaries and planners over the years, click here to see my reviews of Quo Vadis diaries.

Organised Mum diaries are well-known for their helpful features such as meal planning and shopping lists, budgeting and expenditures pages, holiday planning and more. I have reviewed the 2011 Organised Mum diary, and the 2012 Organised Mum diary (with improved paper) along with the purple faux leather zipped cover.

If you have any questions about Quo Vadis Or Organised Mum products that I've reviewed, I'd be happy to answer or describe more fully anything you're interested in.

Both of these companies make excellent products, and they both do a wonderful job of listening to their customers and creating products to fulfill their needs.

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