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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm currently using update: back to daily pocket Moleskine

For the backstory, along with descriptions of why I've used (and stopped using) various day per page planners, and even speculation on what DPP I might use next year, see my video Daily Diary Litany here.


  1. Laurie, I really enjoy your videos, thanks for making them!

    It wasn't until really recently that I realized too much space for daily planning is just as bad as not enough when one is busy. I've been flip-flopping btwn various inserts, from the Steve-and-Ray 2PPD to a Maruman week with notes format. I'm not sure I'm ready to use a separate daily planner, but it does seem to be offer more options. Good luck with your move!

  2. I go back and forth with a can't see the forest for the trees problem with regard to having structure in a planner. One end of that is a large, blank daily planner and then things turn into a mess for me. The other extreme is something like Uncalendar or Woman's Success Planner, where it is so structured I can't write things down because they might end up in the wrong spot and it gets really confusing. Maybe a small daily planner is an in-between; instead of structure on the page the structure is in having two books, and then there is freedom to work within each book. Sorry if this is babbling but I am struggling with this idea in my own planner.

    1. mstraat, I hear you. I struggled with the exact same thing for many years. Like you, I found especially the Uncalendar difficult because what if I needed more than the 12 designated lines for a particular list? What if this information would be better off written in the Notes section instead of this week's Worksheet page?

      Then when I used a large weekly planner with all my recorded information, the weekly spread turned into such a jumbled mess that by mid-week I couldn't even see what I was supposed to be doing and had difficulty prioritizing my tasks and scheduling my days.

      I've had great success this year with my own weekly format, which is similar to Terri's here (scroll down her post to see her vertical week on 2 pages format):


      The days as columns allows me to schedule my days, and the space below is where I write my categorized weekly lists.

      Then in my daily planner I plan and record only today. This prevents my weekly planner from getting too cluttered.


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