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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pre-Move Planner Preparation

Today is my last packing day before the movers come tomorrow to take it all away!  We have to pack our luggage today too, even though we're not leaving for a few days yet, to make sure everything will fit in our luggage. One time when we moved, we vastly overestimated how much would fit in our bags, and after the movers left we had to mail several boxes to ourselves! Not an option from here, so we have to be careful with how much we pack.

We have several levels of priority of our possessions:

1) Most important and/ or irreplaceable items go in our carryons.

2) Things we'll need immediately go in our luggage.

3) Air shipment (to arrive in about a month): Things we'll need within the first month (like bedding and non-breakable kitchen stuff) goes in our air shipment. We get 700 pounds for this, which fills up quicker than you'd think.

4) The rest of everything goes on a ship which takes 3-4 months to arrive.

So, I have to decide what I can live without for a quarter of the year, what I need sooner, and what I can't part with at all.

Here's what's going where, planner-wise:

My Ivory Deco and Holborn Zip Filofaxes are going in my carry-on bag. So are my self-drawn weekly planner and my pocket daily Moleskine.

In my luggage are my Aston Filofax, my Moleskine monthly notebooks for this year and next year, my Quo Vadis Notor, and a blank Uncalendar Monthly planner (which I plan to use to record how many books my kids read over the summer). I've also packed two Alwych notebooks (one Large one Pocket) and my Scotland reference Filofax. And, I'm bringing my Woman's Success Choice Address Book in my luggage as a possible info, reference and address book because it is very slim and light in my bag.

In my air shipment I'm bringing a ton of stuff:

Filofax: my A5 and personal size purple Finsbury binders and my personal Buckingham.

Moleskine: the Star Wars planners and large daily Magenta.

Quo Vadis: the (weekly) Hebdo, Trinote, and Executive and my new (daily) 2012-2013 Textagenda

Uncalendar: Half Size and Full Size Weekly planners and another Monthly

Woman's Success Planner: Quarters 3 and 4 2012 and Quarter 1 2013, plus the soft leather cover.

My Dodo Pad desk diary

Undercover UK diary

Personal Planner UK

Paperblanks Ventaglio Rosso journal

 Several Clairefontaine notebooks just in case.

The rest, unfortunately, has to go in the sea shipment.

I'll be offline for a couple of days while the movers are here packing up everything and loading the truck. I hate being without my stuff so packout is always a bit traumatic!  Wish me luck!


  1. How exciting, and traumatic! The thought of having to manage so long without my stuff leaves me in a bit of a cold sweat. Hope everything goes perfectly! X

  2. Hope all goes well with the move and just think when the air and ship containers arrive, it'll be like Christmas Day............

  3. Wishing you and your family a happy move back home to where you love to be! I'm so excited for you! Take care. x

  4. Good luck with the move... I'm sure you have it planned to perfection!

  5. Here's hoping for continual planner success till you arrive and safe travels!

  6. Good luck and hear from you soon!

  7. oh, good luck on your move, Laurie! Can hardly wait for you to do a post at the other end. I noticed I have missed quite a few of your posts because of my crazy life, so I will enjoy catching up while you're offline. Travel safe.

  8. Thanks so much everyone! Today is the last day the movers are here, and they'll take everything away. We fly on Friday! Hooray!

  9. Oh my gosh - how does one decide what needs to be carried versus in a suitcase versus boxed and shipped? It's like "Sophie's Choice!" (We'll call it "Laurie's Choice.") ;)

    Good luck with the move - hopefully it's not too stressful. Only good things wait for you on the other side!


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