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Friday, May 28, 2010

Daycraft Cantoon and D-Sign notebooks

Here are the Cantoon and D-Sign notebooks from Daycraft, the #1 brand of diaries and notebooks in Hong Kong. These cool little notebooks were generously sent to me as samples, and my reviews of them are long overdue!

My lucky sister benefited from my generosity, and is now the proud owner of this extremely cool Cantoon notebook:The flexible cover is retro-cool, "with a Cantonese mnemonic for learning English on the cover" according to their website. I don't speak any Cantonese at all but it makes me wish I did! Can anyone translate what the characters say in the top right corner of the cover? (Click on the picture to enlarge).

The thick, tan 198 gsm Satogami paper is made according to Japanese tradition. The luxurious paper and squared rule give the aura that something Very Important should be written here. This is not a book for jotting random notes! This is for something special. Sis, have you figured out a purpose worthy enough for this book yet??

The back cover is blank except for Daycraft subtly printed in the bottom corner.
The Cantoon notebook range is cool and fun with extremely high quality with paper you'll want to write something special on.

The D-Sign notebooks are "notebooks for powerful thinkers," according to the Daycraft website. I have the "Creative Exit" notebook:
The back cover says:
It just dares you to write something compelling!

The extra-smooth white 100gsm paper is lined, and there is a ribbon bookmark:The book is A6 size (approx 4 1/4 x 6 inches) so it's not quite small enough to fit into a pocket (unless you're wearing cargos) but is definitely small enough to fit into any bag, so it's very portable to capture important ideas and creative inspiration on the go. The hard cover has a fabric-like feel.

Currently Daycraft is looking for a distributor in the US, but anyone who wants to order them online can find many of their products at:


Be aware the products will ship from Australia, and they do ship internationally but you'll want to check your currency conversions and shipping rates so you know your actual cost.

I hope Daycraft will find a US distributor soon! Their products are fun, cool, and excellent quality.

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