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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shocking Moleskine Planner Conversion!

I gave my Moleskine 18 month weekly notebook to my husband, which I posted as a comment in my review from a few days ago. But, this is such a shocker that it merits its own post!

My husband is not a planner user. He uses Outlook at work, and relies on me for home and personal planning. But this morning while I was showing him a bunch of planners that I will review soon, he had a realization.

Planning for our move, during our transition, and in our new place, he'll need a planner to keep everything together in one place. I told him he could have his pick out of a selection of sizes and formats of planners that I have on hand, and he chose the Moleskine 18 month weekly notebook. The weekly format with a page for notes is perfect for his needs. And, he already uses Moleskine notebooks for various purposes so the size and features of the book are already familiar to him. And, it starts in July which is right when he's going to start actually needing it. Perfect.

Problem is, I love the thing. As you may have read in my reviews, I used my 2009-2010 Mole weekly notebook for several months, which is a very long time for me. I bought the one I gave to him to have on hand in case I decided to go back to it, which I am still considering. I figure, after we move my life will be very different than it is now, so I like to have several planner options on hand ready to use whatever works best. And the weekly notebook format works well for me. Also I have to admit a certain comfort factor in the familiarity of a Moleskine.

So as soon as I sadly bade farewell to my Mole weekly notebook, I rushed to the computer to order up another one. As I said in my comment, they are currently less than $13 on Amazon.com, which is really cheap considering the Moleskine US website has them for almost $20.

I'll be really glad when it gets here. I have to admit, part of my excitement about it is the new monthly format, which solves multiple planner issues for me.

Meanwhile, I'm trying not to hover and be too pushy about my husband's usage of his Mole weekly notebook. I had a thrill of excitement this morning watching him fill in his important dates. Yes I am a geek! I'm trying not to give him too many "suggestions" on how to use his planner. He'll figure it out. And if he needs any planner advice, he knows who to ask! ;)


  1. Poor guy, you are harassing him!!

    He will be reading 'the' blogs and subscribing next... Hmm guest posts from partners.. an interesting thought!

    'My life with a planner/Filofax enthusiast'


  2. LOL Steve! Like I said, I'm trying not to harass him too much. But, I am very excited to see him using a planner after all these years!!

    I'm sure our spouses/ significant others would have very insightful perspectives on our planner obsessions. I might be disturbed by what they write!!

    I can quit anytime I want. Yeah.

  3. Steve - love this idea! Though I can't imagine my husband would offer too much "insight," so much as complaining about the cost of said planners. =)

  4. What? What? Whaaaat? I can't believe he broke down. Another sign that The End is Nigh... LOL!

  5. I know, right??? Him using a planner. Never thought I'd see the day!!!!

  6. This may be just right for my husband. My FC/Filofax systems are overkill for him.


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