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Monday, May 24, 2010

Parker Planners

Parker Planners are pocket-size day-per-page undated planners that have 4 months worth of daily pages. Let me break each of those descriptions down for you.

Pocket size: this planner measures only 4.25 by 3.5 inches, and really is small enough to fit into any pocket. And even though it's a daily, the fact that it holds only 4 months worth of pages means it's very slim:

Back in December I posted
about a day per page format with a page before each Monday for that week's lists and goals. Lo and behold, the Parker Planner has this exact format! I'm very excited!

You can click on the photos to enlarge and get a closer look at the page formats:
The days are undated, but the days of the week are designated Monday-Sunday. Before each Monday there is a weekly planning page to note important events, goals and ideas for that week, which I find extremely helpful.

This also results in a very effective layout for the week: Weekly Overview and Monday are together, to get your week started off right. Then Tuesday-Wednesday are together, Thursday-Friday to finish up your work week, then Saturday and Sunday are together to see your weekend days side by side. I really like this layout!

Other excellent features include:

Suggestions for use and Personal Info page, with the planner's to/from dates:
Lots of pages in the back for notes and ideas:Pages for contacts, and a space inside the back cover to keep sticky notes:
The daily pages have an excellent layout with the day's schedule from 6 am to 10 pm, space to jot notes and ideas, and lines for main things to do that day. Here is an example of a day when I had several meetings and various other things to do:
Because the pages are undated, you can start them any time, and use them only when you need to so there are no wasted pages. The 4 month book will get you through a university semester. The tiny size means you can take it absolutely everywhere with you, so that wherever you are at any time you can jot down notes and ideas, schedule an appointment and check your agenda. It makes an excellent companion to your smartphone.

Parker Planners are sold in select university bookstores, and you can order them online at:


Many thanks to Parker Planners for sending me this planner as a sample. I have really enjoyed learning about the planners and the company.

Stay tuned, on Wednesday I'll post a Q & A with Ethan Parker, creator of Parker Planners! I found it very interesting to learn how this young entrepreneur started his company from the ground up.


  1. I'd like to see how that spiral holds up in and out of my hip pocket. Bet it falls apart in about 2 weeks.

  2. I don't know, the spiral is pretty sturdy, and very flexible. I suppose it depends on how hard you are on your planner! :)

  3. Love the look of this. I want one. Any idea about whether they deliver to UK?

  4. Travis, I don't know offhand if they deliver to the UK but I bet they would. They are a small company and would probably be able to pop one in the post for you. You can contact them on their Contact form and ask how to order with international shipping:


    And be sure to tell them Laurie at Plannerisms sent you! ;D

  5. Nice review. I'm shocked, however, that you would call your mom at 22.00 h! *grin*

  6. The spiral-bound is very sturdy and holds up really well. Great company and a great product.

  7. LOL Jotje! Actually 22.00 my time is 15.00 her time.

    Thanks for the comment Ryan. I agree!

    I am very happy to report that I asked Ethan Parker if they ship to the UK and yes they DO. He said it's best if you order more than one at a time, cuts down on the per-item shipping. Trust me, you'll want and extra one of these planners on hand anyway! :)

  8. That is great that you had the idea just a few months ago with a layout just like this. In your December post you described exactly what the Parker Planner has.

    Looks like you saw an actual need!

    ps I use Parker Planners and keep it in my back pocket opposite my wallet and have never had a problem with the coil.


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