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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leuchtturm Daily Planner

To continue my day-per-page diary kick, here is a great one: the pocket size daily planner by Leuchtturm 1917:

This was very generously sent to me as a sample by Leuchtturm 1917.  It's an excellent planner and I'm very glad to have the opportunity to review it!  Thank you Leuchtturm!

This planner has a really nice layout on the daily pages.  Each day has timed lines for appointments, and at the bottom of the page there is a blank space for notes.  Country codes for those countries having a holiday that day are listed at the bottom of each day's space.  Saturday and Sunday share one page, with each day as a vertical column (click on photo for a larger view).
There are lots of other features that make this planner stand out.  One very cool feature is a Project Planner:

There are monthly planners with the months as columns:

And annual planners for this year and next year:

This planner has a black hard cover, ribbon placemarker, acid-free paper, elastic strap and pocket in the back of the book.  In the back of the planner there are several blank pages that are perforated for easy removal.  Additionally, there are stickers included to label the cover and spine of your book.

This book measures approximately 3 3/4 by almost 6 inches, which is a very portable size that you can take with you anywhere.The Leuchhturm daily planners also come in Medium and the enormous Master size.

At this time I'm not sure where the 2011 Leuchtturm planners will be available to purchase.  You may want to contact Journaling Arts to ask if they will carry the daily planners for 2011.  I know JA have carried the Master size weekly planners in the past, at great prices, but I don't know if they have plans for the daily ones.

Alternatively you can contact Leuchtturm and I'm sure they would be happy to direct you to the nearest retailer to find these planners.

Many thanks again to Leuchtturm 1917 for allowing me to test their products.  Stay tuned, in a future post I will review their huge Master size weekly planners!

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