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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day per page diaries

Recently the At-A-Glance blog had this excellent post on different ways to use a day-per-page diary.  I thought it was a great article, and couldn't help adding my 2 cents by including my list of various uses for a day-per-page diary that I had in a post awhile back.

This got me thinking about using a day per page diary myself.  This is a road I've been down many times.  I have learned that I can't plan ahead very well using a day per page diary, but they are fantastic for recording.

So I went browsing the new 2011 daily diaries.  I'm currently in love with Letts products because I am writing my review of some new notebooks of theirs, which I'm very impressed with and immediately addicted to.  So I instantly thought of Letts for my diary search.

Letts has an excellent selection of daily diaries for great prices.  This little number instantly caught my eye:
This is the Sovereign day per page diary.  It has a textured cover and creamy paper.  It's A6 size, which is an excellent size to use as a daily diary/ planner because you can carry it around everywhere (and thus capture all your jottings) yet it still has a large enough page size for everything you need to record each day.  It comes in this gorgeous purple color, black or red.

I must have it.

So now I have a few months to obsess over this before it becomes available.  Luckily for me, by the time this comes out I'll be living in the UK so I won't have to pay international shipping for it (and if I'm really lucky I'll find it locally in a shop and won't have to pay postage at all!).

Those of you who use a day-per-page diary as a planner or for record-keeping, what's your favorite diary?


  1. No, thank YOU. Now I have to think about that darn purple-covered day-per-page diary with the awesome monthly planners and MONTH TABS.

    If I lose so much as one minute of sleep over that thing, I'ma let loose the Kraken!


  2. Now I'm obsessed with this dragonfly one:


    I plan to go for this one instead now because it has "National Info" and "UK attractions." And, according to the photo in the online catalog, holidays are printed on the daily pages which I prefer.

    Now I have to wait until August to buy it!!


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