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Friday, June 25, 2010

Major Filofax Love on Gala Darling

If you haven't read Gala Darling's amazing post about her new Raspberry personal Metropol (complete with written usage details and lots of photos!) then you don't want to miss it.  Go have a look, but get ready to go Filofax-crazy.  This post was just about enough to convert me back to my personal size Filofaxes!!

A Filofax Love Affair on Gala Darling


  1. Love that blog! I actually read it even when it isn't about our beloved Filo's!! Thought her uses for it were fantastic!

  2. Love the comment... Philofaxy is hardcore!!!

  3. I had never heard of her blog before, but I will definitely be a regular reader now. I love her upbeat, positive vibe!

    And Steve, I loved that too!! If anybody is hardcore about Filofaxes, we Philofaxy people definitely are!!!

  4. I have to have a raspberry filo!!!

  5. Wouldn'tcha know, the raspberry personal size Metropol is currently sold out on Filofax USA!

    (I've signed up to be notified when it's back in stock! ;D)

  6. I think it's so funny that all the readers of her blog went to run for a raspberry metropol. Like that's the only beautiful or affordable filofax that's available? LOL
    Oh, and I chuckled at the comment of "inventing cool homework to note down". Reminds me a bit of my rather annoying habit to jot down ToDo's AFTER I've completed them ... ;-)


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