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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Filofax Competition Update: More Winners!



  1. I submitted my entry today - I'm kind of hoping I was one of the first 6! :)

  2. Got it! :) Unfortunately I can't tell you yet if you are in the first six.... sorry to keep you in suspense! ;)

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  4. Laurie, I think I finally found a way to use my personal sized filofax as my one and only planner. I have a week on 2 page diary, which is for a quick view of things going on. I also use this for a diary and jot a few memoriable things abou the day. I also note when I exercize and what I did. In between the left and right page of the week, I insert ONE WEEK of day on 2 pages where I outline my day and to-dos that MUST be done this week by day (if i don't get to it Monday, then i forward it to Tuesday like a franklin planner but it MUST be done this week. I use 2 bookmark clips. One that clips the day page for TODAY, so when i flip to this page to the left of the clip is the Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs weekly page, and to the right of the clip is the TODAY daily page. The 2nd clip (which is a pagefinder) is before the right side (Fri/Sat/Sun) weekly page. Then, ToDos that are not mandatory this week, are behind a tab and I review them each Sunday night to see if they need to be incorporated into the next week. I only keep a week of daily pages at a time, and I plan to archive them using one of my 20 unused filofaxes that are on my shelf! Forward planning is done on the week on 2 pages (if it is an appt) or on the ToDos if it is a future task. I will keep you posted, but I am in love with my planner for the first time in a long time!!!!! So far a week without failure....keep you posted.

    1. Dea that's wonderful! I hope this system continues to work well for you! :)


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