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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Filofax Competition Update: More Winners!


If you haven't already entered the Share Your Filofax Memories competition, hurry! Filofax has kindly offered further organizers for this activity, so the FIRST 6 to enter will receive a lovely personal organizer!

Here are the revised instructions on how to enter:

This October, Filofax and Plannerisms would like to invite you to share your favorite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

You will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to laurie758 at gmail dot com with "Filofax competition" in the subject line. This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below.

The FIRST 6 entrants to Plannerisms will receive brand new Filofax organizers as a very special thank you for participating in the challenge!

Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
  1. Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
  2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template.  ***Please do a word count and make sure your words are 300 to 500 words!
  3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to laurie758 at gmail dot com.
  4. The first 6 entrants on Plannerisms will receive brand new Filofax organizers!
This competition is open worldwide!


  1. I submitted my entry today - I'm kind of hoping I was one of the first 6! :)

  2. Got it! :) Unfortunately I can't tell you yet if you are in the first six.... sorry to keep you in suspense! ;)

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  4. Laurie, I think I finally found a way to use my personal sized filofax as my one and only planner. I have a week on 2 page diary, which is for a quick view of things going on. I also use this for a diary and jot a few memoriable things abou the day. I also note when I exercize and what I did. In between the left and right page of the week, I insert ONE WEEK of day on 2 pages where I outline my day and to-dos that MUST be done this week by day (if i don't get to it Monday, then i forward it to Tuesday like a franklin planner but it MUST be done this week. I use 2 bookmark clips. One that clips the day page for TODAY, so when i flip to this page to the left of the clip is the Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs weekly page, and to the right of the clip is the TODAY daily page. The 2nd clip (which is a pagefinder) is before the right side (Fri/Sat/Sun) weekly page. Then, ToDos that are not mandatory this week, are behind a tab and I review them each Sunday night to see if they need to be incorporated into the next week. I only keep a week of daily pages at a time, and I plan to archive them using one of my 20 unused filofaxes that are on my shelf! Forward planning is done on the week on 2 pages (if it is an appt) or on the ToDos if it is a future task. I will keep you posted, but I am in love with my planner for the first time in a long time!!!!! So far a week without failure....keep you posted.

    1. Dea that's wonderful! I hope this system continues to work well for you! :)


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