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Monday, October 31, 2011

Renaissance Art leather Moleskine cover

Here is the Renaissance Art leather Moleskine cover in the gorgeous Molasses color! It is a rich, deep brown that is very handsome and classy-looking.  The leather is so smooth and soft and feels nice in my hands.  And you will notice in the photo, you can use the Moleskine's elastic strap closure with this style of cover!

Below you can see the cover empty and open to see how it works. There is a slit in the right side that allows the elastic strap to come through. You can use the strap on the outside of the cover like I've shown above, or on your pages.
Below you can see what it looks like open with the Moleskine strap coming through:

The Renaissance Art logo is subtly embossed on the back cover:

Here is another view of the rich brown color of the Molasses cover!

Many thanks to Renaissance Art for sending me this awesome cover as a sample to review.  I have to admit my husband nabbed it as soon as I finished taking photos of it! He's now using it on his work Moleskine and loves it.

Renaissance Art has a fantastic variety of colors and leathers for Moleskine covers in both the Pocket and Large sizes. You can choose different types of closures including snap, stud, or wrap, or no closure. And some of the cover styles come with a leather pen loop, in your choice of three different sizes to fit your pen. Solves that pesky problem of how to keep your pen with your Moleskine!

This cover is part of the Rustic Elegance line of covers which comes in 12 colors and is a thin, soft leather. They also have a thicker leather for their Rustic covers, in brown and black.

All of Renaissance Art's products are hand made in the USA.

Click here to check out Renaissance Art's selection of leather Moleskine covers!


  1. Dang, all of their stuff is just stunning, no? Nice to see something good come out of New Mexico for a change!

  2. I lovve Renaissance Art Moleskine covers, I reeaally want one, but the postage to the UK is ridiculous!!

  3. TPS when I ordered from Ren Art when I lived in the UK I emailed them and asked for cheaper shipping. They were really nice and offered me non-insured mail, and it was much cheaper (and arrived just fine!).

  4. That's great Laurie!! I did email them, but it was only a general inquiry about the price, because I couldn't believe it when I saw it on the postage calculator. I'll email them today to ask about cheaper shipping, thanks so much!!

  5. Great review and a lovely cover. I really like their journals a lot.

  6. Hi Laurie. Its hard to tell from this, but is this leather very softy and pliable? I'd like to find a cover for the Moleskine cahier that could almost roll up. I'd liek a cover thin enough that it won't add any stiffness at all. Thanks.

    1. Paul this is their thicker leather, but they do make thinner leather covers specifically for the Cahier notebooks: http://www.renaissance-art.com/catg150/category.aspx

  7. Thanks, Laurie. I was a bit confused about cahiers, and the various sizes, but I have now got it sorted. I wanted a basic leather cover, but reasonably priced, for a Pocket size, for my holiday this summer. I had a look at the Renaissance website, but they are way above the price I was looking for, for a travel journal. I have now found a lovely lady in UK, who sells through Etsy and have ordered a plain, handmade, chocolate brown leather cover that will take 2-3 pocket cahiers. Not sure if you allow links, but if you do, here she is for your interest: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/189811981/chocolate-brown-fieldnote-size?ref=shop_home_active_7&show_panel=true

    It will be the fist time I have used a Moleskine properly, so it will be interesting to see how I find them. I'm committed to ring-bound planners, due to their flexibility, but for a small holiday journal, I'd rather not risk bending the rings on one of my smaller ones. By the way, I just read your post from way back, about going to Kinokuniya in Singapore. You summed up exactly how I feel when I go to their mammoth bookstore in Dubai Mall. Its incredible, but the nice thing is, they stock Tomoe River Da Vinci paper :)


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