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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My own favorite Filofax memory

In honor of the Share Your Filofax Memories competition, I thought I would share my own favorite Filofax memory.

This memory is an excerpt from a longer comment I posted back in August 2009 on Steve's excellent post How Do You Use Your Filofax In Your Job Or At Home.  Go read it, because there's lots of great stories on there about how people's Filofaxes enrich their lives!

Here is my own favorite Filofax memory:

"Fast forward to 2001 while I was in grad school, I found my Buckingham Filofax. It got me through grad school beautifully. Its most glorious time during that phase of my life was while I was traveling to various museums in Europe doing my research. It contained: a Europe map that was outdated but still useful; all the contact information that my graduate adviser had set up for me of whom to meet at each museum; addresses for the hostels I would stay at; train time information. I remember sitting in Munich with a beer and my Filofax, planning where to go next. It was great."

That memory for me represents my own personal freedom and growth. I wasn't used to traveling alone, and I found it liberating (if slightly lonely).  My Filofax was my companion and guide. I felt like I could go anywhere with my Filofax in my hand and I'd be under control!


  1. Spam comment removed, not sure how that one got through our normally tough defences!!

  2. I think that one was from before we started cracking down on the spam! Thank you for removing.

  3. Great memory! I have never traveled by myself but I have always wanted to, though the thought of being by myself in a strange place makes me a little nervous. Perhaps all I need is my trusty Filo with me, and all will be right in the world. =)


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