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Monday, May 21, 2012

Another video! The THREE planners I carry in my bag

I decided to continue my video kick by showing you the three planners (actually, two planners and one Filofax) I carry in my bag everywhere. Craziness!

Click here to see the vid.

Comments and especially suggestions appreciated!!


  1. I know you have already thought of this, but I can see how an A5 compact in an affordable price range would possibly solve your dilemma. You could put in needed calendar pages, minimal contact info and so on, and then slot in the Notor.

  2. See, I think so too. If I had a binder that was just barely bigger than the A5 pages, with a small ring size, I could carry my diary pages, notes and contacts with me everywhere and the pages would be compatible with my big A5 at home, so I could switch out pages as needed.

    Why oh why doesn't Filofax have a slimline A5?? I've seen cheap versions here so I know they can exist. Please Filofax!!


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