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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quo Vadis Notor

Here is the Quo Vadis Notor day per page planner in the Lilac club cover.  I ordered this planner awhile ago to have on hand "just in case," and I'm glad I did because I've finally determined that my Pocket size daily Moleskine is just too small.

The Notor measures 4 3/4 inches by 6 3/4 inches (12 by 17 cm) which is my ideal size for a day per page planner. This has plenty of writing space and is still light and small enough to carry everywhere in my bag.

The Notor (January-December) is the same size and format as the Textagenda (August-July) which I've used several times before.

There is a full page for each day, even Saturday and Sunday. The timed schedule is at the top of the page, which is nice because it frees up the rest of the page for lists and notes. There's a space for the day's priority, and holidays are printed there too.

The majority of the page is lined, and at the bottom there is an open box for Notes. I like to use this box it to jot events that I want to write in detail in my journal later:

Along the side of the pages are the month indicators that I love so much!

Here you can see a comparison of the same day's page in my pocket Moleskine vs the Notor. With the Moleskine I had to make decisions about what was worthy of being written on the day's page due to space constraints. No such worries with the Notor, there's plenty of room for everything!
The Notor's paper is a dream: white and suuuper smooth. It's a joy to write on and takes any pen well.

Here's a pile of purple delightfulness: my pen, my Notor, and the Leuchtturm notebook I'm using as my self-drawn weekly planner.  Yum!

There are other features I didn't take photos of including an anno-planner for the current year with monthly columns and the entire year at a glance, and pages in the back for contacts.  There is a map of the US, Canada, and a world time zones map.

But I was very surprised that, unlike Textagenda diaries I've used before, there are no other maps, no international information or dialing codes, and especially surprising there's no anno-planner for the future year. I don't know if this will be changed in the 2013 diary, but the future year planner at the very least would be a nice addition.

For me the biggest advantages of the Notor are the super-smooth paper, the perfect size and the excellent selection of colored covers.


  1. Hope this works out for you!! Funny how Moleskine makes such a big jump from the pocket-sized to the large size. I, too, want the in-between size and have, thank goodness, lately been able to get by with the personal-size Filofax Day on Two pages (4 3/4" x 6 3/4"). I've hacked my system a bit by cutting and punching a Clairfontaine notebook to fit my FF, too, so I simply insert extra pages when I want to write more for that day. I could never get by with the pocket sized Moleskine, I tried! I use the daily large Moleskine to track all my workouts - it's got lots of room to write out my entire workout with reps/weights, notes, etc., and the hard, black cover with the elastic closure stands up to me throwing it (literally) on the floor at the gym.

    That pile of purple looks so pretty, it must give you great pleasure!

  2. oops! Should have said 3-3/4" not 4-3/4"!

  3. Thanks Nancy! Yes I've been frustrated for a long time and even sent messages to Moleskine suggesting they create a Medium size. Pocket is too small and Large is too big! But I've finally decided to give up on Moleskine anyway because I can't stand the dark, grayish paper anymore. It's just not nice to look at and I much prefer Quo Vadis's white, smooth paper.

  4. Yes, the QV paper is beautiful! I also really enjoy the paper in the Paperblanks books, although it is more creme-colored than white. It feels so good. DayTimer, too, makes wonderful, smooth, bright white paper with a nice weight in both spiral-bound and loose leaf. Here's a link to the Paperblanks DO1P - http://paperblanks.com/us/en/collections/5/filtered?menu=f3&collection_id=317&interior_format_id=3 I've used the weekly view more than once, but not the daily view. Go http://paperblanks.com/us/en/product/5/supplements and scroll over the icons to see the interior formats. Only thing I don't like about PB journals is that the monthly overviews are one page and in LANDSCAPE layout - ugh. Not that I use a monthly view anymore anyway, ha-ha! I, too, use the weekly view and daily view to get along.

  5. The cover looks delicious! :-) I like this better than the Undercover because of the timed agenda at the upper portion. Undercover's untimed whole page overwhelms me.


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