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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Daily Diary Dilemma: Quo Vadis Notor or Undercover UK diary?

I've just posted a video on You Tube detailing my current planner dilemma: Which to use, the Notor or the Undercover UK?

In the video I explain why, after much angst, I finally decided to stop using my pocket Moleskine day per page planner.

The video details the pros and cons of the Notor and the same-size Undercover UK diary. Which one will I choose??

For more information on each of the planners:

You can see my review of the Notor with lots of photos here.

Click here to see my review of the Undercover UK diary with lots of photos.


  1. I like the Notor! Loving the idea of having separate appointments, notes and general writing space. I hate messy diaries with everything all mixed up!

  2. Yeah, I voted for Notor on YT. I like the paper better. :D The other one strikes me as the perfect journaling notebook!


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