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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moleskine Spring 2014 catalog: reduced planners selection for 2015

After months of stalking the internet looking for the Moleskine Spring 2014 catalog, I finally found it! Here it is: http://www.raincoast.com/images/uploads/catalogues/s14-moleskine.pdf

I noticed there is a trend of reducing their planners selection. Last year they did away with the A4 size daily and weekly planners. For 2015 they have further reduced their planners selection, with some surprising eliminations. I wondered when the bubble of their seemingly endless expansion of planner selection would burst. For several years in a row their planners line grew more and more prolific. Looks like they are reeling it in now.

For 2015 they have eliminated all of the Passions Planners, which I am not sad about. I reviewed the 2013 Passions Family Planner and found it over-formatted and the layout cluttery. I was surprised Moleskine went in that direction, because they formerly were about no formatting so you could use the flexible layouts any way you want. The Passions Planners seemed very prescribed. The Dashboard planner has a similar weekly layout but less formatting so it's more flexible to use.

But I am sad to see the colored Extra Small planners have disappeared. I reviewed these cute little planners back when they came out, and I've always thought they were great but overpriced, which is probably what did them in. 10 GBP seems like a high price for such a tiny planner. They are still available for 2015, but only in red or black.

The limited edition planners are Peanuts (again) the Little Prince (again) Star Wars (again) and new Minnie and Mickey Mouse planners. Come on Moleskine, are we five years old? I understand they are trying to drive down the average age of their users, but I would really like to see themed planners for grownups. I loved the first edition Star Wars 2013 planners (which I reviewed here) but ever since then the Star Wars designs for the 18 month planners have been too juvenile, and for 2015 even the 12 month designs are too kid-oriented with comic-book like images. Too bad, because I love Star Wars.

I am happy to see the colored cover planners are still available in large and pocket, daily and horizontal weekly. The Turntable planners (which I reviewed here) are back for their second year. And there is a new planner, the Slimline Panoramic which is a great addition to the lineup.

Even though they are reducing their planners lineup, Moleskine is expanding their notebooks lineup. I have already pre-ordered from Amazon the Orchid color soft-cover notebook. I ordered Plain pages, but these are also available Dotted which is a first for Moleskine. These soft covers are also available in Underwater Blue which is another great color, and Khaki Beige for an understated look.

Also the Simpsons notebooks are already available, and the Mickie/ Minnie Mouse notebooks are out soon if not already. There's also a new Square size notebook which looks interesting.

Check out pg 103 of the catalog which has a paper weights chart stating the paper weight of their normal notebooks is 70 gsm. They also have notebooks with heavier weight paper indicated for fountain pen use, although I haven't tried any of them.

Their line of non-paper products is expanding too, and I have to admit I like the look of the new wallets!

Exciting new stuff from Moleskine as always, although I am sad to see their planner selection dwindling. I hope they don't end up with only daily and horizontal weekly layouts like 99% of the planner brands on the planet.

What are you liking from the new Moleskine lineup?


  1. Love the colours of the notebooks on page 27 :-)

    1. Me too! That's the Orchid one I pre-ordered. Love that color!

  2. After seeing your idea yesterday about the monthly calendar workaround, I'm disappointed that the 2015 Star Wars (or any theme, it seems) planners don't include address books like 2014's. I'm in the process of making one right now with the one that came with this year's! :-)

    - Tina

    1. That's a good point, the themed planners don't say if they come with address booklets. All the hard cover planners normally come with address booklets so I would be really surprised if they don't.

    2. I went back and had a look at the Moleskine Spring 2013 catalog to see what it said about the 2014 Star Wars planners, and it does list themed address booklets as part of their features. That would be really disappointing if they have eliminated the address booklets for the 2015 themed planners.


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