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Friday, January 3, 2014

Free For All Friday No. 17: Planner excess?

Happy New Year everyone!

I am feeling pretty peaceful right now with my planner setup: my 2014 Plannerisms planner and an accompanying notebook. This setup is working remarkably well for me.

Buuuuutttt that doesn't keep me from buying more planners! I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a purple pocket size day per page Moleskine diary (like the ones I used successfully for a couple of years), and a whole slew of books from Time Traveler USA including journals in their medium and small sizes, an Executive size weekly planner with my initials embossed and a day per page diary exactly like the one I used and loved last year.

What will I use them for? Except for the journals, I have no idea. I enjoyed using the pocket and large daily planners in the past so I wanted to have them around just in case I decided to go back to them. I've been burned in previous years when I decided later I wanted a particular planner and they were sold out. So now I tend to stock up early!

Do you buy planners "just in case" you decide to use them later in the year? Or do you buy them only when you need them?

As always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything planner related!

Wishing you all the best this year!


  1. Finally got my FC compact the Monday before Christmas. Immediately transferred the contents of my Filofax personal Ranger into it and added some of the FC inserts I'd bought from the UK site. Of course it's only day 3 so far but I LOVE IT :-)

    I love the space I have on 2PPD, and I got Weekly Compass cards in the starter pack which have already genuinely helped me ensure my Big Rocks are prioritised in my days. On the back I've written down household stuff that needs doing, like finishing the unpacking from being away & finding homes for all the new stuff & tackling the laundry mountain.

    I'm really enjoying that extra 1/2 inch of width compared with Personal size, especially when taking notes on the notes page.

  2. I only buy planners when I need them, but I stock up on washi tape, ink, and pens like mad because I *might* need them.

  3. There were many years when I used to buy several extra planners, just in case, or just because I liked one feature, even though the format wouldn't work for me. But eventually the waste bothered me, because dated planners really have no use beyond the year they are dated for. I'm really happy with what I use now (large Moleskine week + notes), so I feel confident that I won't need to change. And if I do, I'll deal with it at that time. Maybe not being able to get another planner will make me stick with what I have a little longer. What do you do with all those dated planners when they are obsolete?

    1. I do end up with a lot of unused planners, whether I've bought them or they've been sent to me as samples to review. Sometimes I keep them without using them because they have beautiful images or inspirational quotes and I like to look through them periodically. Sometimes if the pages are printed in a way that's easy to ignore the dates I can use them as notebooks. Sometimes I give them away to other people or to my kids. Many of them I keep in my massive bookcase as reference planners so I can look at the features or answer readers' questions about them later. It's very rare I ever throw away a planner, even past years' ones. But every now and then I do a clear-out of old/ obsolete planners.

  4. Well, its been years since I played around with more than one system, but this year I'm floundering because of lots of big and little changes, so I've bought at least 15 (whoops, just counted and its up to 21 now!) different binders and bound planners that I'm playing around with.

    Like you, I know that things sell out and I don't want to be frustrated later. I'm already annoyed that the Day-Timer Family Plus (half-letter size) loose-leaf system was only offered as Academic dates and sold out months ago - I feel like it would have been a good contender, as I found the bound Letter size in annual layout and really like the layout.

  5. If it's an already proven-to-me planner, I will buy it just because, but only if it is undated. I am using undated planners from years past this year, as my monthlies and weeklies, for example.


  6. I like to change mine out like purses. I get bored with one or the other. Mostly I have a hard time finding one that totally suits me. That's why I'm hoping that the Filofax Original I ordered will suit me. :/

  7. It just depends. Because things do sell out and then they're no longer available, I do sometimes buy to have on hand "just in case". Lots of times I end up giving them away to people who need them but didn't get theirs in time.


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