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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Plannerisms winners, and feedback

Huge thanks to everyone to participated in the giveaway! We had a great turnout, and I'm really happy so many people are interested.

I won't name the three winners for privacy reasons, but they have already been sent their email notifications. Congratulations to the winners!

I've had loads of feedback on the photos of the planner pages and the covers. Thanks very much to everyone for your input. I've had lots of great suggestions, some are possible and some are not. I've had lots of conflicting input too: some people want a feature one way, other people want it the opposite way.

That is why I've tried to make the Plannerisms planners as much of a blank slate as possible, with a flexible structure that doesn't box you in. One example is the untimed columns. Most people have said they like the untimed columns, but some people have requested them to be timed. But starting with what time? And ending when? Timed to the hour, or half hour? Some people will want the times earlier, some later. There's no way to please everyone. So the day columns will be untimed, so you can write your times in if you want.

I've also had some negativity, which is hard to take. This is my fourth year putting the Plannerisms planners out into the world. Every year I feel like I really put myself out there. Every year there are difficulties. And every year I feel like it's a miracle I've been able to get these published at all. I realize that I can't make everyone happy all the time. But I think, if given the chance, these planners will work really well for most people. They will help you set and track your goals, and incorporate them into your daily actions. That is the purpose of the Plannerisms planners, and I hope people like them.

Some people have requested information on how to use the planners to be put into the actual planners themselves. There would be too much content taking up too much space in the book, so it will all be here on Plannerisms.com. The website is listed on the inside front page of the planners so you can access information on how to use the goals pages, how to do half-year and annual reviews, different ways to use the weekly pages, etc. I'll have top tabs here on the blog so all the how-to-use info will be easy to find.

One change we are definitely making is to lighten the shaded column. Everyone agreed on that!

The main topic of debate right now is whether to keep the daily columns separated only by a small gap as they are now, or to add faint lines between the daily columns. I drew lines in pencil on a weekly page to let you see what that would look like. I'm running a poll at the top of the sidebar, please let me know your preference and we will go with the majority vote. My tendency is to leave it open, and people who want lines can easily draw them in. Let me know which you prefer!

The columns as they are now: no vertical lines

The columns as they could be: with vertical lines

Thanks again everyone for all of your support! I really, truly appreciate it.



  1. Congratulations to the winners. I know how you feel about trying to please everyone, but I agree that the openers of this version can appeal to many different planning styles. Good luck and can't wait to be able to order one.

  2. Running a small business myself, I know that you can't please everyone - not even some of the time! This is hardly a big money-making venture for Laurie. Every year, she puts a huge amount of time and effort into design, production, marketing and distribution. She deserves our every encouragement.

  3. Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

  4. I like the lines between the daily columns. As someone whose handwriting changes size on its own, that would be a great help, IMO.

  5. Boo to the negativity. Laurie, you were a planner before planning was cool. Kudos from me both for a well thought out and usable planning tool, and also for the perseverance to make it available to us.

  6. I love the planners - do like the lines on the weekly pages - and the fact that someone personally designed these, asked for feedback from possible users is amazing to me. So to read that there might have been some negativity is crazy. Can't make everyone happy that's for sure.
    Looking forward to seeing them for real.

  7. congrats to the lucky winners. all the good thoughts as you clear these final hurdles. and if someone really wants certain features at a certain price point by a certain date, well, best wishes as they learn all that is required to make a custom planner!

  8. Am really looking forward to these planners... was so disappointed last year that my order was cancelled automatically when the defective planners were pulled. :( I thought about going through all of the colours and covers, but in the end decided you have probably had enough feedback. The reality is that I was pleased with all of the options, so I was simply choosing between the best of good options. Great work, Laurie!

  9. So, so pleased that there will be 2016 plannerisms after all! The booklet format seems really exciting, too - looking forward to trying it!


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