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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Moleskine 2017 planners!

Yes I know, I get a little bit crazy when it comes to finding new Moleskine planners way ahead of time. Every year about this time I start searching for the future year catalog. Last year in mid November I found the Spring 2015 catalog, so I've been searching now for the Spring 2016 catalog, to no avail.

BUT, I did find the 2017 Moleskine planners listed on Amazon.com ready for pre-order! So of course I pored over them to see what I could learn.

The first interesting thing I noticed was there are new colors listed for the hardcover planners, 12 and 18 month versions. The colors are listed as black, scarlet red, coral orange, malachite green, grape violet, and steel blue. There are no images available yet, but I like the sound of all those and am especially curious to see what the coral orange will look like.

I was very happy to see the usual suspects: 12 and 18 month weekly planners in pocket and large sizes; day per page planners in pocket and large; professional planners including Panoramic, Dashboard, Action and Taskmaster; Monthly notebooks; Vertical weekly in pocket, large and interestingly the vertical A4 size is back after being absent for a couple of years.

Amazon.com currently lists these planners as being available in May, but in my experience this can sometimes change.

There are no limited-edition covers listed yet, but I'm hoping for Star Wars again!

Why am I so crazy about searching for the Moleskine planners so early? Well, I'll tell you why: they are the only planner brand I know of that I can find out about so early. I like knowing what the planner options will be and what the cover color selection will be. It makes me feel like everything is all right, the world will go on because Moleskine is already making their planners two years in advance!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Moleskine in any way, and I do not receive commission or funds from the above links. 


  1. Thanks for this Laurie, still love Moleskine despite their issues!

    In particular I'm always drawn to the professional planners, but they're so similar-but-different that I forget/confuse their features. Your posts about the Taskmaster (one: http://www.plannerisms.com/2012/01/guest-review-moleskine-taskmaster.html and two: http://www.plannerisms.com/2012/06/guest-post-taskmaster-redux-from.html) and Action Planner (http://www.plannerisms.com/2013/03/moleskine-action-planner.html) are what I refer to when I think yet again about whether or not I want to try one. But do you have a post about the Moleskine Dashboard planner? I can't find one, but then there are quite a few hits that turn up when you search plannerisms for either 'Moleskine' or 'Dashboard'! :-)

    1. I don't think I ever did a post on the Dashboard planner, but I do have one so I would be happy to tell you about it or send/ post photos for you if you like. Like all Moleskine planners (in my opinion), it's pretty great.

    2. Oh yes please! The photos in your posts are so valuable to me, it drives me nuts that so many websites think that selling a planner means just showing a photo of the cover - but that's a rant for another day. If you could please show a few photos so I can see how it's different from the Taskmaster and Action Planner, I'd be very grateful :-)

    3. Rock on. I don't own a Taskmaster, but I do have an Action Planner so I can show some comparison shots. Gimme awhile and I'll get those photos up here soon. :)

      (And yes, one of the main reasons I originally started this blog was to help people buying planners online by showing the pages so you know what you're getting! I was so frustrated with companies who only showed the weekly spread, or as you said sometimes only just the cover! That's useless!)

    4. Here you go Gail! http://www.plannerisms.com/2015/11/moleskine-dashboard-and-action-planners.html


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