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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Moleskine Dashboard and Action planners compared

Gail requested some photos of the Moleskine Dashboard planner, and a comparison of it with the Moleskine Action planner. Here you go Gail!

Both of these planners are in Moleskine's line of Professional planners. I've never done a review of the Dashboard planner before, but have done the Action planner (which you can see here).

The Dashboard planner is approximately 5 by 8 inches (Moleskine's Large size). It has a vertical weekly layout with space under the days for to-do lists (which looks a lot like the way I modified their classic vertical weekly planner several years ago, don't you think?).

In addition to weekly pages, the Dashboard has tear-out lists in the back, which I don't think add any value to the planner (just my personal opinion).

There are also Expenses pages.

I'll let you read my Action Planner review for all its features, but here is the weekly layout so you can see how it compares to the Dashboard.

The Action planner is approximately 7 1/2 by 10 inches (Moleskine's Extra Large size). You can see the size differences here.

Something to note: this is a 2015 Dashboard planner. I don't have a 2016 Dashboard, but I do have several other 2016 Moleskine planners, all of which now have monthly grid calendars instead of the vertical monthly columns they had before. Below you can see the month columns at the left (2015) and month grid at the right (2016).

Both of these planners come with a removable address booklet in the back pocket.

If you have any questions about either of these planners let me know!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Moleskine in any way. These are my own photos of planners that I bought for myself.


  1. Thank you so much, Laurie! Think the most essential thing, for me, is that I hadn't realised it was only in L size, not XL like the other professional notebooks! That really makes a difference to column width! And yes, I agree with you, not really sure the perforated list pages would be of much interest/use to me. I'm interested in the layout of the expenses page too; I like that Moleskine have included this (I think they usually don't?). And thank you also for flagging up the possibility of the monthly overview pages being different for 2016. This is important for me (I wonder if they really have changed it for *all* their planners) as I use vertical column months for very different purposes (tracking) than grid months (planning overview)!

    Overall I think this has confirmed that the Dashboard Planner would not be for me, but I do like the Action Planner and Taskmaster quite a lot.

    I am also now wondering, Laurie, how many 2016 planners you already have in your house! ;-)

    1. You're very welcome Gail! FYI: the 2016 Action Planner does not have Expenses pages or tear-out lists, and it does have month grid calendars and no month columns.

      And to answer your question: I have a shameful number of 2016 planners! Here's just the Moleskine ones: day per page planners in Pocket and Large sizes; a pocket size Mauve 18 month weekly notebook; a large Tide Green 18 month weekly notebook; also a large Star Wars 18 month weekly notebook; the Action planner, a large Monthly Notebook, and on the way a Project Planner. I can confirm that all the 2016's I have do contain month grid calendars, although the Monthly Notebook does have month columns for the current and future year.

    2. Oh and I forgot to add: a pocket size R2D2 day per page diary, and a large 12 month weekly notebook that I ordered by mistake when I thought I was ordering the Monthly notebook.

      Why do I buy so many Moleskine planners? Well...

      I always buy the pocket and large day per page diaries, because I have used them in the past (for several years each) and I like to have the new ones on hand in case I go back to that. Also I collect the colored cover planners so I like to get new colors each year.

      I also get an 18 month weekly notebook each year, in case I want to go back to that (which I've used in the past). I used the pocket size 18 month weekly notebook this summer while I was traveling. It was nice to not have to tote my Filofax around everywhere, and I didn't need hourly planning while I was on vacation so it worked fine.

      I got the Star Wars planners because I like Star Wars and these are collectibles.

      I got the Action Planner as kind of a just-in-case planner, in case nothing else I have on hand works for 2016.

      I got the Monthly Notebook for blog planning.

      The Project Planner will be to track multiple projects during the year. I've never used this type of planner before so I'm curious about it.

    3. Gosh Laurie, I really want to come round and hang out at your house . You could just lock me in the room with all your planners and I'd be happy LOL

    4. It's definitely Planner Nirvana! Did you ever see this post? http://www.plannerisms.com/2011/07/my-collection.html I have at least twice as many planners now. It would be shameful if I didn't have the excellent excuse of it being my job to know all about planners! (Right??)

    5. The other day I saw an interesting new (to me, at least) 'mum's family organiser' type diary in WHSmith that I thought, Oh, must tell Laurie - only I'm really not sure if this is a kindness or not LOL
      Have you seen this? http://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/whsmith-2016-a5-grey-floral-butterfly-mums-family-organiser-diary-week-to-view/37885632
      The layout is similar to Mum's Office (http://www.mumsoffice.co.uk/products/mums-diary-2016) but the simple fact that it's not pink ink is a big plus in my book :P It's got loads of extra pages as well for planning summer and Christmas holidays, pocket money records, groceries lists, budgeting, etc. I thought it was really thoughtfully put together, with a pleasantly clean/open/flexible sort of layout. My first impulse was to buy one because it looked interesting, but I didn't because I was waiting for my Plannerisms planner, and now I have it, and it has space for all the above and more, and with a much nicer layout IMO! :D

    6. Hi Gail, yes I've seen those diaries at WH Smith's. They are very nice but I don't need all those extra pages and there are no monthly pages so I managed to walk away from it!

  2. Oh - SQUEE - the SW planner! I just finished up using a Moleskine Professional Notebook as a bullet journal for October and most of November, but have gone back to a ringed planner as turning a plain notebook into the type of structure I need to see was a little too daunting. I do maintain a separate work planner at my office and I only have several pages left (a Green Room notebook from Target) and I have a blank ruled Markings journal waiting in the wings. Not sure if I want to go with a dated system for work as my day is more task than appointment generated, but I did find the paper not to be as bad as some said, though I used ball point pens over liquidy ones (fountain/gel) which shadowed and/or bled through

  3. I used the Dashboard planner for 2013 and 2014, until I got to the point I had too many meetings that there were not enough slots there for me. I went to an hourly timed Time Traveler. I think it's funny it took them this long to put the grid Monthlies in the front. I printed them out from their website for both years and taped them in. Any update on the Plannerisms Planner for 2016??

    1. 2016 Plannerisms planners are in progress and will be printed later this month and ready to ship soon after! Thanks for your interest. :)

  4. I've just got my new Dashboard Planner for 2016, and can confirm that it's also with monthly grid :) I find veeeeery useful and it seems that this planner is going to be my favourite of all. Previously I had the monthly planner.


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