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Monday, March 7, 2011

Great stationery finds at Tesco

Our local Tesco has a great stationery selection.  I've been stocking up on some things before I  move; here are some things I got that I really like:

You can see I bought more of the Bic 4-color pens in the limited edition colors (which I blogged about here).

I also found this awesome Staedtler Triplus Fineliner set for only 6 pounds!  It comes in a nifty plastic case that converts to a stand:
Here is what it looks like closed:
I love the color variety of the Fineliners, but I don't know about their staying power.  Does anyone know if they are archival/ acid-free/ fadeproof?  Thanks for any info!

I also stocked up on tape flags:

These are identical to the tape flags that come on the Filofax sticky notes accessory, which I use in every Filofax I own. It's much cheaper to buy these little packs and refill my sticky notes pages with them than to buy a whole new accessory.

Have you discovered any great stationery finds recently?


  1. 'Every little helps' or is that Asda!

  2. LOL Steve! Every little helps to satisfy my stationery obsession! ;)

  3. two words laurie...ERASABLE MARKERS....*runs in circles with excitement as if oprah just gave her a car*


  4. Great to stock up though... as bad as me with each trip back to UK !! It would be so annoying to run out of something three weeks after moving!

  5. Weird coincidence! Just today I bought two of the same BIC pens and now read your blog post about it! I will be using them for my Lifebook aka Household Chores Control Journal (was that too long?). Used to just put several differently colored pens in the cover, but since it's living on the kitchen counter, those pens always get abducted by family members (won't tell you any names ...). Obviously, with a 4-color pen I risk that that will be "borrowed" as well, leaving me with nothing to write. Hm ...
    We'll crosse that bridge once we've arrived there ...

  6. I am totally in love with these:


    They come in different colours and are perfect for my diary as they are truly erasable!

  7. I know you can imagine my glee when I got coloured staples at the office supply store the other day. Red, green, blue, turquoise, purple and one other colour I can't think of at the moment.

  8. Alison, I'm addicted to those! Got me the Slim for my Filofax (with purple refills) and it works terrific! Wish they would make those in 4-colours ....!!!! That would be pen-Nirvana!

  9. OH my gosh. Erasable markers and pens! Colored STAPLES!! I might need to search these out before I move away!!

  10. Thanks for this review. My wife bought several of those BIC pens. They are nice, but don't feel as well made as other 4-colour pens. Value for money wise they are however fantastic.
    Tesco used to sell very nice pencils from recycled news papers, unfortunately not any more.
    Their electric pencil sharpener is good value for money, too.


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