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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quo Vadis planners: new cover styles and colors

I was just browsing the Quo Vadis planners website (www.quovadisplanners.com) and noticed they have several new cover styles and colors!

The first thing that caught my eye is that the Textagenda for 2011-2012 will be available with a glossy hard cover called Minuscule (click here to see).  I'm especially excited about this because way back when, my sister had a Textagenda with a hard glossy cover that was then discontinued, and she's been pining for it ever since. It's back, Sis! Although I don't know how broad the appeal of the "bugs" theme will be. It would be nice to have the glossy hard cover in a slightly more grown-up theme. Even though the Textagenda is a student planner, the academic-year format is also useful for teachers and parents of school kids who might want something more "age-neutral." Still, it's a nice and durable cover option for this very popular planner.

There's a new genuine-leather cover that has the added advantage of having a pen holder! The Duo cover (click here to see) has a strap-snap closure and a two-toned color scheme.

There are also some new colors added to the current cover lineup, including a purple Smooth cover (click here to see) and a purple design for the Polypro Spiral cover (click here).

Just based on the new cover designs and colors, it seems like QV is increasing their marketing to the younger female crowd.  Most of the cover options now come in a wide choice of colors including pink, purple, and green which is nice to see.  They still have plenty of cover options in black, red, blue and brown as well.

What do you think about the cover color options? What other colors or styles would you like to see?


  1. Omggggg that duo cover with the pen strap looks like it's gonna be my planner for next year. Yayyyyyy for QV adding a pen strap. Wonder if they've added a pocket. Either way, looking more like my dream planner every year. LOVE QV,

  2. Mia I thought of you when I saw the pen holder on the Duo! That cover doesn't come with your beloved Scholar though. It does come with the Space 24 though, which is the same size in a slightly different (week + notes) format that might be a contender for you if you don't mind the calendar-year instead of academic year. Bonus: the Space 24 has monthly grid calendars and 6-months at a view monthly columns too!


  3. Buuuut... looking at the QV website I noticed that the Scholar and Space 24 are the same size. If the thickness is close enough, you would be able to use the Duo cover on a Scholar planner!

  4. About covers + Equology:
    I recently found out from the Canadian QV distributor that all QV covers, INCLUDING Equology, are made from Poly-Vinyl-Chloride. I forwarded my dialogue to Karen at Execlair who phoned me within 2 minutes. She was great. She realizes the huge ecological and health problems associated with PVC and would love to have it off the market...I asked her to write (or have Leah write) an article about it. Did you know that QV are close to discontinuing the Equology line? I was shocked. I will search high and low to find a Minister Equology refill for 2012 and make my own custom-cover. It would be such a shame for this fantastic line to be discontinued due to such low demand. In any event, I won't buy any more of their covers. (I realize they have the 'Basic' option, but only for 2 academic planners which I can't use, and I've never seen them in Canada).


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