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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moleskine Info Book

Many thanks to Savannah for posting a comment on my Location Notebook post suggesting I get a Moleskine Info Book.  I was browsing in my local bookstore the other day and saw it there.  Even though I thought the price was steep at 10 pounds, I thought it would be very useful to hold all my Indonesia-specific information.  I'll be able to add to it the entire time I'm living there and use it as a resource and record.

The pocket size book is very portable, so I can take it everywhere with me in my bag. The tabbed sections are Bed, Food, People, Sights and Facilities:

The cutout tabs create a stepwise appearance from the side:

The standard Moleskine features apply like hard cover, rounded corners, ribbon placemarker, elastic strap closure and back pocket (which is a little tatty at the edge for some reason):

I'm keeping this Info Book in my Renaissance Art cover, which looks great and keeps my pen handy.

I'm looking forward to filling up this book with loads of Indonesia-specific information, and keeping it for years as a record of places I went and things I did. :)

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  1. Update: I am indeed using this Info book in my Ren Art cover. I changed the tabs slightly to better suit my needs. They are: Clubs and Organizations because there are loads here; Food and Shopping to put restaurants and shopping together; People-all my local contacts go in here, and I line through people as they move away; Sights & Lodging, because anywhere we go to see sights will require lodging too; and Facilities is where I write info like doctors, dentists, school contacts etc.

    I put all business cards I get into the back pocket. In the very back pages of the book I write all the numbers I keep in my phone, so if my phone gets lost I don't lose all my numbers too. On the very front pages I have written emergency numbers for quick reference.

    This book is extremely useful and I don't go anywhere without it. It's so nice having all this information permanently written in a bound book. With the labeled sections, I'm able to find the information I'm looking for easily.

    I'm really glad I figured this out before I even got here, because I was immediately able to capture every bit of information into it. I never have to wonder where I wrote that number or name, because I know it's in my book. Very handy!


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