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Friday, November 19, 2010

Gakken Sta:Ful Schedule 2011

This is a diary format I've been searching for for a very long time: the current month and current week visible at the same time!  This planner is the Schedule 2011 by Gakken Sta:Ful. I ordered this planner from Ginko Papers. I mentioned this planner in this postClick here to see the planner page.  Update:  this planner was sold out but is now back in stock!!  Ginko Papers managed to get some more from the publisher in Japan.  So HURRY to order yours before they sell out completely!!!

First let me say this: This planner is from Japan.  Ginko Papers is located in the US. I live in Scotland.  And this planner arrived SEVEN DAYS after I ordered it! That is incredibly fast!!

Second, let me summarize the planner: it is AWESOME.  The Rabbit cover (to celebrate 2011 Year of the Rabbit) is beautiful front and back.

The cover is plastic-covered which is great for those of us who tend to be messy (speaking for myself here!).

Here is the fantastic layout with the month on top and week (with all 7 days as columns!!) at the bottom.  The pages in the monthly section turn independently of the weekly, so you can look at your month while you flip ahead in your weeks or vice-versa.  On the monthly pages there are a few lines for reminders or goals that month, and on the weekly page there are several lines for To Dos that week.  Click on the photo for a larger view.
Each daily column has a space at the top to note the significant event of the day (holiday, birthday, deadline etc.) and a space at the bottom for notes, daily totals etc.  The columns are lined and timed from 8:00 to 22:00.

And look there at the right side of the pages: monthly tabs!!  Hooray!  Monthly tabs really do make it easier to find the month and week I'm looking for.

Inside the front cover there are two plastic tabs that hold the monthly and weekly sections to the current page, so when you open the book it automatically opens to the current month and week! I love it!
As if the beautiful cover and fantastic format weren't enough, there are loads of other great features in this planner!

Inside the back cover there are 3 slots for cards, and a full-length pocket behind for loose papers.  There's another plastic clip for larger papers, and there's even a pen loop!!  (Pen not included, that's my own Sakura Micron in there.)
The back pages of the calendar sections have space for personal information.

There are also loads of other pages in the top section, like Addresses:
 Subway maps, very interesting:
 And year planner pages:
At the front of the calendar section there are reference calendars for 2011 and 2012.
Additionally, there are lots of notes pages in the top section behind the month pages.
To be precise, there are 37 lined pages and 15 quadruled pages.  That totals 52 notes pages.  That means I can have one page for each week of the year to write my weekly to do list.  Which I can then view at the same time as my weekly schedule.  This is absolute genius!

The monthly section goes from October 2010 through March 2012, giving you a few extra months' planning.  The weekly section starts December 20, 2010 and ends January 1, 2012.  But there is a bonus!  Included is a weekly booklet supplement for October 2010 through December 19, 2010 so the user could start this planner at the beginning of October in both the monthly and weekly sections. This means I can start using this planner immediately without having to wait until January!!  Instant gratification: Priceless.

The paper is exquisite.  Super-smooth, and absolutely no show-through.  I don't know what the weight of the paper is but it's fantastic.

This book is incredibly slim, and at 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches it is very portable.  It will definitely fit into any of my bags and is so light I'll have no problem carrying it with me everywhere.

Highest praises for Ginko Papers customer service.  After I ordered my planner, I received a very nice email from the owner (!) of Ginko Papers confirming my order and giving me tracking information.  As I mentioned before, the shipping was mind-blowingly fast, and the international shipping rates were extremely reasonable.

And on top of all that excellence, there was included a beautiful Rabbit post card with a hand-written note! Wow, that was really nice!  Thank you Ginko Papers!

According to the Ginko Papers website, 2011 the Year of the Rabbit will be a calm year where all of our hard work finally pays off.  Sounds great to me!!

For those of you who really want the calendar format of this planner but weren't able to order it before it sold out, you might take a look at the Himori The Beginning diary (click here for the ebay page).  I have not ordered from this seller and I have not tried this particular diary, so I can't tell you about the quality or anything else.  But according to the photos it has a very similar layout with weeks and months visible simultaneously.

If you are interested in other new and interesting planner designs, be sure to check out Ginko Papers' selection (quickly before they sell out!).  There are lots of cool planners like the weekly and monthly planners with embroidered covers, or with covers that are clear zip storage pouches.  Very cool!


  1. Well craaaap. I wants it. I wants it bad.

  2. Wow, I love to see new planner concepts. This one seems sooo well tought-out, really neat! So, are you (already ;-))skipping the tweaked Moleskine and continueing with the Rabbit? How is the paper quality btw, would it take ink?

  3. Sorry Rori!! I got a lovely email today from the owner of Ginko Papers and he said not only are they sold out of these planners, but the manufacturer is sold out of them as well!! That is a huge success when your planner sells out before November is even finished!! Ginko Papers already plans to stock this planner for 2012. So you can look forward to that at least! :)

    Jotje, I am not exaggerating when I say the paper is phenomenal. I mean, wow. I don't have fountain pens so I can't say how they would do, but my liquid ink pens do great on the paper. The paper is so thick there is no show-through at all, and you almost can't even see the shadow of writing on the opposite side. So what you've written does not interfere at all with what you write on the next page. And the paper is so smooth, I really think it's the smoothest paper I've ever felt. I know I'm gushing, but really, it's wonderful paper!

  4. Oh and I almost forgot to answer your question: the Rabbit planner started in October, so I am using it now and will use it until January, at which time there will be a Planner Showdown between the Rabbit and the Vertical Weekly Moleskine! Let the games begin!

  5. Oh, nice! The cover is not really my style, but I love the page layout. I find vertical weeks easier to absorb, and I tend to forget to look at separate monthly pages.

  6. Laurie, is the paper quality comparable to the Moleskine paper, or even better?

    I love Japanese stationary. I tend to drool over all those bright and wonderful (mostly undated) weekly and daily diaries on ebay. I particularly like all those nice close-up photos they include in the auctions.

  7. Way, way WAY better than Moleskine paper. Not even in the same universe. Ultra-white, super-thick and silky-smooth.

  8. Geeeeeeeeeeez .... why did you have to say that??!!!


  9. Buy at Kinkuniya if you are in NYC! I went today and they had the rabbit and two other cover styles!

  10. Karin that is great news, thank you for letting us know!! Do you know if Kinkuniya would possibly ship within the US to folks outside of NYC?

    Totally impressive and so useful. Only complaint: they're not colour-coded.

  12. Hello!! I JUST bought the planner at Ginko. I emailed them when you posted this and asked them about the availablity. They just emailed me today that they were able to get more. I can't wait!! I'm so excited..Thank you!!

  13. Great news, this planner is back in stock! Ginko Papers somehow managed to track down more of them from the publisher in Japan! Here is the link to order:


  14. By the way, that Himori brand has a lot of cute and interesting planners. I ordered a few on eBay.

  15. That is a neat-looking planner. If I used the weekly format, I would get one of those. It doesn't look too heavy either. The big problem with using a daily planner is the weight & size.


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