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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2011 Daycraft Diaries and Notebooks now available online!

Great news for all of you who are interested in the fantastic Daycraft products I have reviewed here on Plannerisms!  The 2011 Daycraft diaries and notebooks are now available to purchase on Vera Chan's website.  Click here to see the Daycraft products available!  Also, enter code plannerisms at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order (applies to all products on her website, not only Daycraft items!)!

Please note that the Vera Chan website is based in Australia so all products will ship from there.  She does ship worldwide, click here to see shipping prices.  Also note that prices shown are Australian dollars so click here for a currency converter.

Ordering from Vera Chan is a great option especially for US and UK folks because currently Daycraft products are not yet available in our countries!

Here are just a few of the cool Daycraft products I've reviewed that are now available on Vera Chan's website:

The Make My Day diary:

The very classy Executive Diary:
The colorful Chromatic Days Diaries:

The cute Animaland Diaries:

The super-cool Decoder Sketchbooks:
The Cantoon and D-Sign Notebooks:
And the very beautiful Signature Sketchbooks and Feminique Notebook:
Don't forget to enter code plannerisms at checkout to get your 20% off!

**Note: I am not affiliated with Daycraft or Vera Chan, and I don't receive any money from sales of these products.  It's just a really good discount on hard to find items.

Happy shopping! :)

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