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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just the cover, please

Awhile back I read somewhere on the QuoVadis Blog that it was possible to buy just the covers for Quo Vadis planners at The Daily Planner.  I decided I'd like a couple of different cover options for my Trinote so I contacted TDP to find out how to get them.

I got an email back from them that said I could call this number:


So I did.  On the other end of the line was a very nice man (whose name I didn't catch, sorry) who was extremely helpful. I ordered up the Club cover in Lilac (of course) and the soft-to-touch Soya cover in Jade.  They won't be in until the end of the month so I have to wait awhile.  They will be worth the wait though.

The Daily Planner only ships within the US, so luckily for me I still have my US bank account to pay with and my lovely sister who is willing to ship these to me in the UK.  I'll pay for shipping twice but, to me it's worth it to have the covers.

It's nice to have the option to buy just the covers for those of us who are fickle, or just like variety!


  1. Just the other day, I had a similar thought. As you know by now, I hate PVC. But there are many nice planners with a removable cover made from this substance. And even if it's 'just regular plastic', I wish that planners and their covers were always available separately. Then I'd either make my own cover, or reuse a non-PVC one many times. Why always buy a new cover with each new agenda, when they just sit on a shelf once the year is over (or get thrown out) and no longer need such heavy-duty protection?

  2. For the past couple of years, I’ve used Quo Vadis agendas; I started with University and then graduated into Business. Now, though, I use a different weekly planner in the collection to manage my time: the IB Traveler Diary. I love how efficiently the Traveler is organized! Mine is kept in a Chelsea cover, tucked in front and paired with the Visoplan monthly calendar tucked in back. Between the two covers, I have both my week at a view and my month at a view (each useful for me); both are compactly bound with a QuoVadis elastic bookmark, which also holds the address book in place between them. I use the monthly calendar to track social events and the week at a glance to schedule my work obligations.
    Per the suggestion of First Things First, I plan on a weekly basis, but confirm appointments daily. I even write my commute times into time slots, so my scheduling is more accurate. Honestly, I tried electronic calendars but found them too “virtual” for me. Seeing my schedule set in black & white just makes my life seem so much clearer to me. In the slot on the front flap of my Chelsea cover, I keep a Weekly Compass – What Matters Most card from Franklin Covey, outlining my roles and goals in life.
    Inside the flap is a slim stack of Tasker cards from Levenger, outlining ideas, calls, and a shopping list, among other things. Because the IB Traveller is so streamlined, I find that using it in combination with Tasker cards and the Weekly Compass allows me more space to get the big picture. That said, my Quo Vadis book still remains pocket-sized and portable. I even have a pen that clips handily onto the front cover. This arrangement is really the best of all worlds for someone who’s cycled through Daytimers, Filofaxes, and Seven Habits Organizers. Some were too bulky, others too complicated. This one is just right! The Chelsea cover and Quo Vadis elastic closure pull everything together perfectly!

  3. Great blog!

    I have just switched to a Quo Vadis Minister as my latest Moleskine feathers as a result of inconsistency :(

    I would love some new covers for it - but I can't find any in London anywhere and its driving me nuts!

    I don't suppose you have any ideas or contacts do you?

    Thanks for any help



  4. Hi Jonathan, thanks for reading my blog! I'm glad you like it. :)

    I don't know if Quo Vadis UK sells just the covers, but it's worth asking. The Quo Vadis UK website is:


    And you can contact them at sales@quovadis-diaries.co.uk to ask about covers.

    Hope this helps! :)


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