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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly and Monthly calendars in same view!!

Last night I discovered a planner with a layout I've been looking for for a very long time: weekly layout with days as columns, and monthly calendar, both of which can be seen at the same time!!  Click here to have a look.  I also like the design of the cover, with the rabbit to celebrate 2011 the Year of the Rabbit.  This particular diary is from Japan but is available on the Ginko Papers website in the US.  I ordered it with international shipping (which was very reasonably priced) and it should be here in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait! Of course I will post photos when it gets here!!

I found it via a roundabout search that began when I was looking at SHU's cool new planner (click here to see, scroll down past the clothes).  Now I can't even remember how I stumbled across her (extremely cool) blog (which I have now added to my blogroll).  But when I saw her pictures of her Journal J planner my mouth literally fell open. I've been looking for a planner exactly like that, with that exact weekly layout.  In fact I drew up a DIY version but hadn't yet made the plunge to complete the entire book.  The weekly layout is 8 boxes on the left page: top 2 are the month view and Monday, middle 2 are Tues and Wed, next 2 are Thurs and Fri and bottom 2 are Sat and Sun.  I particularly like this setup because each day has the same amount of space, and there is a full page each week for notes and lists.  AND it has monthly calendars!

I was searching for a website to order this up, when I stumbled across the rabbit planner that I ordered.  The good news is that the Journal J is undated, so if I decide later I do want to try it I can get it and not have missed any pages.

My planner journey continues!


  1. wow. that journal j looks amazing! x

  2. aw, thanks for the love! i am just excited there are others who get as riled up about planners as i do :) paper power!

  3. I love the way that the weeks section is separate to the months, so you can turn the pages independently, quite a clever but simple idea.

  4. Wow I ordered the Rabbit planner JUST in time, because now (just 2 days after I ordered it) it is listed as Sold Out!! Glad I didn't wait!!

  5. Is that known as Planner Panic Syndrome? !!!

  6. hi laurie! the monthly pages are embedded in with the weeks (ie, 5 weekly pages, then monthly). you can clip them together with the bookmark to easily go back & forth!

    i say go for it :)

  7. Steve that WOULD have been extreme planner panic syndrome (should refer to it as PPS from now on!) had I thought I would wait a few days before I ordered it. Can you imagine my subsequent freakout if I tried to order it too late???

    Sarah that's interesting that the monthly pages are embedded in the weeks, I guess every now and then you'd have to leave a week blank to make the beginning of the month coincide with the appropriate week? I'm still trying to decide whether to order this or not, I just realized today that the layout is very similar to the half-size Uncalendar that I already have sitting on my shelf. I may try using the Un for awhile to see if I like it or if I'd rather have the Journal J.

  8. Laurie, I just signed up to post comments! I love your blog!
    The J-Journal is one of the nicest I've seen so far. But I already bought a planner for 2011 the other week (just before I discovered your blog - I would have made a different choice had I seen it earlier!). And I can't justify more than 1 planner at a time.

    However, your practice of using a daily planner as a diary has intrigued me. I might buy a 2011 daily planner after x-mas...on sale...I feel cheap saying this, but there are always many left for 50% off, even nice ones.

    So, the planner I chose for 2011 is a medium (I think it's called 'large') Moleskine weekly. For the last 2 years I used a small weekly MS planner, which I liked (got 'em on sale each time - too damn expensive if you ask me). This time I redeemed Airmiles for an Indigo gift card (I'm in Canada). Hence my splurge.

    I realized through another journal-blog that Moleskines covers are made with PVC. I could kick myself for having bought it. It seems obvious now, but it never occurred to me before. [I refrain from buying PVC whenever possible]

    Knowing what I know now, my choice would be
    a) Ecosystems planner, or
    b) Quo Vadis Equology.

    in 2008 I used the locally designed & produced Ecojot planner. I passed on it this year because it's very thick and heavy and lacks some of the organizational features I now prefer. If you're interested in an Ecojot review, I may be able to do one (do you accept guest reviews?).

    Once again - love your blog!!!

  9. HI Laurie! Gosh, both these planners are wonderful. I spent hours yesterday looking at ebay stores (Journal J and another: http://stores.ebay.com/himoristore). I just wish most of the descriptions were in English so I could understand..LOL. They are all so pretty, but these 3, well mostly the 2 bottom ones, are my favorite!

    I like this one:Himori JOURNAL PLANNER SCHEDULER_DER TASCHE - DIARY because of the "things to do" layout, but there is not enough pages!

    I like this one especially for the cover: 2011 JOURNAL PLANNER SCHEDULER_1" DIARY One second ver2.

    Adn this one: Himori DIARY PLANNER SCHEDULER_2011 THE BEGINNING DIARY, is similar to the Rabbit you mentioned and has montly on top and weekly on bottom, as well as other variations. I just wish they didn't color in the weekends..LOL.

    I've already started using a planner, I emailed you about it before, but I really want to try these others. What do you do with your "planner fails"?

    I love your blog!!

  10. Hi Christine, I'm glad you like my blog!

    Moleskine planners are really nice, but I hadn't heard the covers are made with PVC. I have reviewed ecosystem and Quo Vadis Equology planners and they are excellent with great paper.

    I would love if you did a guest post on the Ecojot planner! I've never tried one before and am very curious what you think about it. You can email me at laurie758@gmail.com.

  11. emelyn, I looked at some of those diaries too but I hadn't seen The Beginning diary, that does have the same layout! Great option for people who want to see the month and week simultaneously. I like that they show all the features. I took a bit of a risk on the Rabbit planner I ordered, I have no idea what any of its other features are!

    LOL, my planner fails. They are lined up on my shelf. Often I go back to "failed" planners later to try them again, because I do like them all so much. Often I cycle through them. Sometimes I use two at once to compare formats. Usually I wind up driving myself crazy over which one to use! I'm always on the lookout for My Perfect Planner!

  12. My review is coming :)
    If you end up buying the Journal J, please please post a review! With lots of pictures! :)

  13. Christine, new information on Moleskine and PVC: their catalog specifically states that Moleskine products are PVC-free. See page 6 and double-click to enlarge the Environmental Sustainability text:


    Does this change your mind about Moleskine products?


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