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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bic 4 Color Pen in Fashion Colors

I found this limited-edition fashion-color Bic 4 color pen at Tesco the other day and had to grab several of them!  I couldn't resist the purple, pink, turquoise blue and green colors.  As soon as my kids spotted mine they each had to have their own too!

BIC 4 Color "Fashion Colors" Medium Point Ball Pen - 2pk (ast)
Even though I originally bought this pen purely for fun, it has turned out to revolutionize my color-coding method. Originally I used black for most things, red for very important things, blue for travel and my husband, and green for exercise.

Now I use the colors as shown in the photo: Purple for me (of course!), pink for my daughter, blue for my son and green for my husband.  Now when my daughter needs to take something in particular to school, has a library book due or has a dance class, it's noted in pink.  When my son has sports practice or learning activities, I write them in blue.  This has really helped me visualize who needs to do what and when!

Another way I use the person-designated colors: when my son has sports (written in blue) and my husband takes him there, I circle it in green (my husband's color).  When my daughter has dance (written in pink) and I take her, I circle it in purple (my color).  This way I know who is taking which kid where and when.  Excellent!

And on top of all of this functionality, the pen looks especially gorgeous in my Deco with my colored tabs!

Pen Win!!!


  1. Laurie, I have this pen too and looove the fun fashion colors. Also, I ordered the Pentel 8-color automatic pencil based on the recommendation of one of your readers, and really like it since it doesn't smudge my black gel pen that I like to write with. This blog is great since I am learning about a lot of cool products!

  2. Great idea, Laurie! I'm not familiar with these pens. For writing, my personal favourites are Stabilo Point 88 (fine 0.4). I have them in 24 colours and could still wish for more. I often use them for contrast in my planner, but not as organized / colour-coded as you do.

  3. Love it! Especially since the BIC is bringing back all those childhood memories ...
    I recently discovered the Pilot Pen Frixion gel pens, that are erasable. They write awesome! Wish they would launch that one in 4 colours aswell ....
    Just ordered the purple Frixion ... ;-)

  4. Oooh, erasable gel pens! I might have to look for those!

  5. Ooh I remember the Bic 4 colours. I used to have one with blue, black, green and red. I definitely prefer the pretty colours on yours!
    And it is nice to see the Deco again..... I continue to drool over it. Sadly there is no reason for me to get one and I have promised DH that I will be good!

  6. CP, the Ivory Decos are discontinued and are half price on Filofax UK! If it's the Ivory one you want you have to hurry! But if you have your eye on a different color, you have time yet. :)

  7. It might actually fit in the pen loop in my Deco, because the front of the loop is leather and the back of the loop is elastic. But I don't want to risk stretching the loop too loose to hold my thin pens, so I just slide the pen clip onto the loop instead.

  8. Ughhh I got this pen a while ago and looovvveee it! But cannot find a replacement :( I am going to pray its in tescos when I go!!!

  9. I absolutely love those bic 4 colour pens but can't get them in canada. I keep hoping though


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