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Monday, December 20, 2010

Moleskine 2011 Catalog!

Yes I went searching for the 2011 Moleskine catalog to see what new items are coming out next year. Turns out, there's a lot!

You can see the entire catalog at:


There are beautiful cover art journals that I can't wait to get my hands on (pg 21).

New Passions journals include Baby, Dog, Cat, and Garden.

New Folio items in colors like yellow, pink and purple (!!).

And of course, the Moleskine 2012 planners!  (What? Just because it's not even quite 2011 yet doesn't mean I'm not already getting excited about 2012 planners!)

In addition to the current lineup, there are several new planners!

There are weekly horizontal planners with cover art by the Moleskine community (pg 88).

Also there are the very exciting Professional Planners (pg 94)! These include:

The Action Planner is in the Extra Large size, vertical format with extra space for notes and lists each week.

The Taskmaster Planner is also in the Extra Large size and has 4 pages for each week: a 2-page spread vertical weekly format, "followed by two pages for weekly actions and projects."  Both of these planners look awesome and are officially on my must-have list for next year!

And, shockingly, there are Cahier planners (pg 97)!  I'm not sure how the cahier cover will withstand an entire year of use, but this is a nice option for a light, flexible cover. These include a one-week per page horizontal format, and 3-Piece planners with weekly and daily pages and large pockets in the back.  Very interesting!

There's even Peanuts and Pac Man cover weekly notebooks and daily planners!

Moleskine's ever-increasing line of planners never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Here's looking forward to 2012!


  1. Thanks for the update, Laurie! I didn't even know such catalogue existed!

    The Action Planner looks nice to me. I currently like that large format. It seems a lot like the Minister, with a cleaner layout.

    I also love the imprinted covers of the Passions line. I'm sure the cats, dogs and gardening ones are gorgeous. But I'm not even considering splurging on any of those. I had a look at those available these days at a store, and I perceived their layout as somewhat restrictive. I could imagine me running out of space in one section, while having lots of space in another. Then what? Can't add more pages, after all. I'd rather keep my cats' info in an ugly folder. :)

  2. I'm crazy about anything made of paper. Thanks for the tips on great planners. You may want to check some of our locally produced planners from the Philippines. They are very popular here

    Belle de Jour http://belledejourpowerplanner.com/
    Planner People http://plannerpeople.multiply.com/

    My favorite is the quirky, “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat-and-broke-on-the-10th-frappe" planner from Witty Will Save the World Co. http://nottheplanner.multiply.com/reviews/item/3

    although they are producing something equally funny this year and they have changed site http://wittyonline.multiply.com/.

    Hope you find the links helpful.

  3. Christine, I agree the Action planner looks like a more streamilined version of the Minister/ Trinote. In fact it is just about the same size as those planners too. And I agree about the Passions journals, I'd be afraid of filling one section before the others. Seems like a Filofax would be better for this purpose.

    eske, thanks for those links! I've actually seen those planners before, a week or two ago while I was surfing for planners. I like all the variety of pages in the Belle de Jour, and the simple layout and pretty covers of the Planner People one.

  4. I'm loving the themed notebooks, especially the one for cats! I can't imagine keeping that much information for my one cat, but if I had more cats I just might think about it.

  5. I'm intrigued by the Cahier planners, too. I agree that on their own, they might not hold up to a year's worth of use, but if one housed them in the Cahier/Field Notes cover from the Gfeller company, you could combine a weekly cahier planner with a regular cahier notebook and have a pretty nifty datebook/notebook that would probably hold up for the year.


  6. Good point Steveareno, lots of companies make Cahier covers so that would be a great way to protect the planner all year. Thanks for the link to that review!

    Renaissance Art also makes leather covers for the Moleskine cahiers in various colors:


  7. Ooo I love the idea of the Passions gardening journal. May have to buy it!


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