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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Different planner uses via Quo Vadis Blog

If you haven't seen the Quo Vadis blog's new feature asking people how they use their Quo Vadis planners, you must go check it out!  There are lots of great ideas in there for different ways to use a planner.  Here's the link:


I submitted a modified version of my Daily Goals post, click here to see my Quo Vadis post:


Also be sure to check out Christine's excellent post Here's To Your Health, which has lots of great ideas for tracking food and health issues:


Do you use your planner in a different-from-usual way?  Let's hear it!


  1. Thanks for this little feature, Laurie!
    I'm anxiously awaiting my President - have you received your chosen one yet? :) Living in Toronto often feels like the north pole when it comes to receiving mail from the States or elsewhere; it often takes over 1 month. And you are in Scotland!

  2. Wow I wonder why it takes so long for you to get mail from the US?? Toronto isn't THAT far!!

    I requested a Note 27 if it's okay for them to ship it to me here in Scotland. But, international postage can be very expensive to get here so I told them if it's cost-prohibitive don't worry about it! But, I hope they are able to send me one because the Note 27 format is brand new this year and I'd love to review it! :)

  3. But Laurie, I'm seeing that the Note 27 is as big as the President, is it not?
    8 1/4 x 10.5 inches. I thought you don't like it that big (just wondering..but I can see the appeal of a brand new model of planner, especially once you know them all!).

  4. Christine you are right, the Note 27 is huge. But I wanted to review it because 1) the planner is new this year and 2) I think I MIGHT be the first person to do a real review of it online!! If I get it, that is. :)


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