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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank you, Trinote!

I've used my 2010 Trinote more than any other planner this year.  Tomorrow I begin my 2011 planner experiment.

Tri and I have been through a lot together in the 5 action-packed months I've been using it.  It helped me through my move, kept me organized through the fall and early winter, and generally kept me sane.

I've done a lot of planner experiments in the time I've been using it, and have always come running back to my Trinote after every planner failure.  So far nothing else has been able to function as well as my Tri.

I'll do a couple more planner experiments to see if I can find something that works as well for me in a slightly smaller book.  But waiting in the wings is my 2011 Trinote just in case I discover than nothing else can match its functionality and organization.

Thank you Tri!  You are the Planner Champion of 2010!


  1. It's a format that is difficult to beat...unless you devise your own... watch this space!

  2. looking forward to many planner adventures in '11!

    [ps: still in love with my little korean journal J!]

  3. Congratulations, Tri-Fi! You're the 2010 winner! :)

  4. Hi Laurie,
    I was thinking about your planner experiments and I came up wtih an idea that might allow you to make use of your Personal Filo. I am going to play around with this idea myself and see how it goes. My idea involves 2 sections in the planner. One with a regular week to view Filofax diary insert. The other would be a section called 'Today'. For myself I would have the Today section before the weekly calendar. The idea is that all things for the week are written in the week area, and then things are specified in the today section. I have made up a page to show how I think it would work. I will post this on flickr as I don't know how to make a link. The other idea was that instead of my template (or any that you could design) you could use the day planner page on the right hand side and the notes page on the left could be used for other info.

  5. Hi Silver_Elixer,

    Thank you for your suggestion, it is very similar to this experiment I did:


    After several planner experiments, I have finally come to the conclusion that I absolutely must have a week + notes format where I can see my weekly schedule and to-do list all in one view. I have some scheduled events every week, but not usually more than 1 or 2 per day. I have lots of tasks to do each week but rarely do they have to be done on a specific day. I have to have the week view to plan my week and see my appointments, then I can evaluate my to-dos and see when I can fit them in throughout the week.

    I am glad I've come to this determination because it narrows the field quite a bit! Now I can focus on which planner will work best for me. :)


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