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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My haul!

Here is my haul from Filofax, Dodo Pad and Success Choice!

In the photo you see (clockwise from top center) the red Finchley tote by Filofax, which I've been wanting for ages; the buttery yellow brushed leather cover for my Woman's Success Planner from Success Choice; the Dodo Pad Nubuck cover in Aqua (which is so scrummy soft I can't get over it), 2012 Dodo Wall Pad and Dodo Pad diary with the handsome new style cover; and my new personal Aqua Finsbury Filofax!

First thing you might notice is, none of these are colors I usually go for!  I don't normally get anything red, but the dark Finchley red is just gorgeous. Also I'm into cheery colors these days like the yellow cover, and I'm definitely on an Aqua kick! I'm also on a leather kick in general, and all of these leather items are fabulous!

Over the next couple of weeks I'll post more photos of each of these items on the following blogs: Finchley tote on Bagsey blog; Aqua Filofax on Philofaxy blog, and the Dodo Pad diaries, Nubuck cover, and Success Choice leather cover here on Plannerisms complete with interior photos.

As a parting shot, look how gorgeous my personal Finsburies look together!

Edited to add: my post about the Finchley tote is now up on Bagsey blog, and my post showing interior photos of my Aqua Finsbury is up on Philofaxy!


  1. oh i love the purple and aqua finsburys (finsburies?) together. what a pair! x

  2. Beautiful! The bright colours will suit Indonesia all year round!

  3. what a great haul! Christmas in July! (Says she who may or may not have bought a Finsbury mini and Malden pocket off eBay this afternoon ...)

  4. What great colors! I'm a red person... man I need to stay away from PensandLeather!!!

    Hope you enjoy everything- can't wait to see how you use it all!

  5. Looking over my shoulder, my wife saw the grape and aqua FFs, and said "No discussion necessary, just get me one of each. Maybe I will offer one to our daughter ... or not." YIKES!!! I need more privacy.

  6. LOL dapv! Unfortunately for your wife, but fortunately for your budget, both the grape and aqua are discontinued! The grape went extinct more than a year ago, and the aqua just recently became nearly impossible to find.

  7. Laurie, is there any chance you still have this purple Finsbury and are willing to sell....?

    1. I do still have this purple Fins, but sorry I won't sell.


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