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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reader request: planner with day per page, weekly and monthly?

A reader emailed me recently asking if I know of a planner that has day per page, weekly views and month on two pages calendars all in one book. Does anyone know if a planner like this exists?

I told the reader that the only way I know of having all three formats in one planner is to use a Filofax or Franklin Covey binder and put the inserts in, but I think she would rather have a bound book.

Please post a comment if you know of a planner with all three formats in one book. Thanks!


  1. Check out the Time Manager system at www.tmi.co.uk or get them to email me. The TM shows you monthly, weekly and daily side by side, with a short-form annual planner behind those if you want it. Brilliant. Also their binder knock spots off anything produced by Filofax. It'll cost you a minimum of £200 to get set up though - but you'll never regret it. Investment, not cost

  2. Haven't seen it, but I did see a monthly view/daily view combo for the first time. It's an in-house product by Staples. I was intrigued but the lines are just waaay to thick and dark for me. The pages were also quite thin to accommodate a whole year of daily pages. I don't see them on the Staples website, however, I've seen them in the store.

  3. @David I'm obviously a complete dip stick. I don't see any place on this website where it shows you what the planner actually looks like?

  4. @Rori - OMG what a hideously designed site. I had to click through and drill down about 10 pages to get this page: http://www.timemanager.com/timemanager/us/webmenu.nsf/framesets/Shopping which showed the refills. You can click on the name of each and see what the page looks like.

  5. @terriknits Thanks Terri! I never could find anything :D They could SERIOUSLY take a note from Uncalendar!!


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