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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My collection

I've had several requests lately to show all the planners and notebooks I've reviewed here on Plannerisms "in a pile."

Oh dear.

My friends, that would be one heck of a pile. And I wouldn't want to have to clean it all up afterward.

So instead, here is a photo of my bookcase that holds all my planners and notebooks, most of which have been reviewed on Plannerisms.  Note that this bookcase is nearly 6 feet tall. Also notice most shelves are two rows deep.


I'll show you each shelf so you can take it all in. Click on any of the photos for larger views. Deep breath.

This shelf has most of my Filofaxes, my Rickshaw folios, Oberon cover, Renaissance Art cover, Uncalendars and other notebooks. In the back are a few more books and a calendar of Moscow I bought when I lived there. In the front you can see my new 2012 Moleskine Large and Pocket daily planners already on deck for next year.

Yeah, this shelf is packed two rows deep. In the back are my Dodo Pad diaries and binders and a bunch of old planners. In the front are more old planners, notebooks used and new, and at the left are my brand new Moleskine cover art journals that I haven't decided what to use for yet.
On this shelf you might be able to see my Plan-It planners, Daycraft notebooks, Clairefontaine hard cover notebooks, my Poppin and reecovid notebooks, Uncalendar Half Size planners and Organised Mum diary.

Bottom shelf has an ugly blue binder on the left, a bunch of Clairefontaine notebooks of various sizes, a pile of pocket notebooks and planners, a rock (I have random rocks lying around. I'm a geologist.), the box containing my CNN planners and notebooks (such a nice box, such nice notebooks!), more Uncalendars, several Quo Vadis planners and other planners, a blue and white patterned accordion file I bought from UNICEF about 10 years ago, a Rollabind notebook, and files.

Here are the planners that live on my desk, counterclockwise from left: my Extra Large Moleskine weekly notebook in my Dodo Pad cover, my gorgeous and beloved Deco Filofax, my pocket daily Moleskine logbook that I adore, my rainbow of Staedtler Fineliner pens, my Woman's Success Planners that are whipping my life into shape, and my awesome WeekDate planner that holds all my recurring events. Above my WeekDate planner is my purple silk pen case.
Not shown are the books I keep in my bag all the time, which are my purple personal Finsbury which is my Medical Filofax and my Moleskine Info book in its Renaissance Art cover.

Also keep in mind that when my in-laws come at the end of this month they'll be bringing my leather cover for my Woman's Success Planner (I got the yellow one, my sis has one and says it's gorgeous and soooo soft), my new personal Aqua Finsbury Filofax (which I'm especially glad now that I ordered because they seem to be extinct!), my 2012 Dodo Pad desk diary, Wall Pad and Aqua Nubuck cover (could not resist!!).  And, arriving soon in the mail is my hotly-anticipated WeekDate Wall calendar too.

Um, addiction much?



  1. Um. Yeah...THAT is dedication.

    haha! LOVE IT!!

    I have random rocks too, and I'm not even a Geologist-- :D

  2. That has to now be the 'biggest' collection or biggest planner collection! Impressive...

  3. You're sick! Sick, I tell you! Hahaha just kidding. Even I didn't realize how many you had. I love you, Sis! PS I got the wall calendar yesterday. Thank you!!!!

  4. [gasp!] It's BEAUTIFUL!! LOL! I have mine all crammed into various old Amazon boxes, etc. in the bottom of my closet. Although, I should say I have only ONE Filofax at the present. If/when I get more, I would be more caring in their storage. Going to click through and look at all the embiggened photos now.

  5. This pic is probably how my face looked:

  6. LOL everybody!

    And yes, as my sister said, it is a sickness!

    (PS Sis I want to know what you think of the WeekDate Wall calendar! I can't wait to get mine!!)

  7. Hi Laurie,
    so interesting and hilarious (the bending shelves!)! :)
    Unrelated: Do you know when the 2012 QuoVadis planners come out?
    PS: Have internet again for a limited time due to current job, therefore I can post!

  8. Hi Christine, great to have you back with us!

    I'm surprised the QV planners aren't out yet, usually they are widely available by this time of year. I'll send them a message on Twitter asking when we can expect them.

  9. WOW!!! This is impressive. I just have one question: How do you find anything???

  10. It's all visible out in the open, and I have a general idea of where things are, so it's easy to find things. If they were buried in boxes it would be much harder to find anything because I'd have to remember exactly where each thing is! This way it's easy to see them all.


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