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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poll results: What Do You Write In Your Planner?

Many thanks to everyone who participated in my poll to find out what people write in their planners!

100 people voted, and voters could select more than one option.  Here's the breakdown of the votes:

Appointments only: 3

Appointments and tasks: 34

Appointments, tasks, household routines and meal planning: 21

Appointments, tasks, goals and progress: 24

I write tons of stuff in my planner: 47

I only use a planner for work stuff: 3

I only use a planner for personal/ home stuff: 8

I combine work and personal/ home stuff in one planner: 50

I use separate planners for home and work: 10

I'm always very interested to learn how other people use their planners, and this poll was fascinating to me! I was especially interested to know that the vast majority of people use their planners for so much more than just appointments.

Thanks again everyone!

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