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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Deaf Messanger 2014 diary and large notebook!

I love the street-art look of Deaf Messanger diaries and notebooks!
Deaf Messanger products are made by an artist called Kucin in Prague. Each item is unique because it incorporates found objects like post cards, pages from old books and letters, magazine pages and maps. The result is a fascinating and useful object of art.

This is the Kahlo 2014 diary from Deaf Messanger. I admire Frida Kahlo so when I saw this diary I had to get it! There are loads of cover images to choose from for the 2014 diaries, you can see them all here.
This diary is approximately A6 size and is absolutely featherweight at only 137 g so it can easily go everywhere with you in your pocket or bag.

It comes with a pencil in its loop so you are all set to use it immediately!

Inside the front cover is a pocket made out of paper scraps:

The first page is decorated with stencil art:

There is a year planner with six months per two-page spread:

Every week's page is different with stencil art and other items of interest:

Inside the back page is part of a dictionary from Russian to I assume Czech. If I could remember my Russian well enough I could learn some Czech!

I haven't shown everything here, there are plenty of fun surprises in this diary! 

When I ordered my diary I asked Kucin if it would be ok to do a post about it with photos of the inside pages. I didn't want to give away any secrets! He said yes, and to thank me for my post and my review of the Square Journal I did a few years ago on LoveNotebooks.com he added a surprise gift for me: this awesome notebook!
This is the Big Notebook, which comes in a huge selection of cover images. The Big notebook is approximately A5 size, and weighs only 232 g so it's very portable.

Inside the front cover is a pocket made from a magazine page. Remember each book is unique so what's inside each one is different.

The first page has cool stencil art with the Deaf Messanger logo:

The recycled paper is unlined, and there is a ribbon placemarker:

There are lots of fun surprises in this notebook too:

I love old ledger pages like this:

The back page has the Deaf Messanger website (www.deafmessanger.com) and email address:

Even the backs of the books are cool. Here is the back of the notebook:

And here is the back of the pocket diary:

I love how these diaries and notebooks have bits of life already in them. It reduces that intimidation of writing into a fresh new book, because someone has already stuck bits in to get you started. I especially like the old letters and ledger books from years and years ago. Whoever wrote those was writing in their present, which is now our past. The diary and blank notebook represent our future, and when you write in it you are recording your present. Then you can read them later to look back on your past. Sorry to get all existential on you! These are just really cool books.

Huge thanks again to Kucin!

You can find the entire range of Deaf Messanger products including diaries and notebooks, and their new wall calendars and tote bags at www.deafmessanger.com!


  1. What an incredibly cool planner! Looks amazing!

  2. My son would love the notebook. I'll have to see about getting him one.


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