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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plannerisms planner review on Paper Pens Ink!

Huge thanks to Amanda at Paper Pens Ink for her very thorough review of my Plannerisms planner! Click here to see her excellent review.


  1. Great review. I do agree that the breakup of the goals pages from the monthly calendars is disruptive. I also agree that the reference pages could be pared back, or maybe at the back of the planner. I think that its been said before that the "how to use the planner" section could be an insert and replaced with more notes pages. Or perhaps that section could simply be downloadable from the website. I think that for the reference section, I'd like to see all of them in a separate booklet and replace the pages with notes. If I'm not going to need the reference pages, I can chose not to carry the booklet, and I would likely write down anything that would be important from the reference pages to the appropriate date or on a note page. It's 8 pages that I would rarely use, but the notes give me an option to not always carry a separate note book.
    I think that the vertical weekly layout are perfect. Unlike Amanda, I like to only use one planner to keep both work and personal schedules. The vertical weeks allow me to easily show when I have possible overlaps from one to the other. I can put generalized important work meetings in the planner so that i can easily see when I have free time for personal appointments during the work day, or when I will possibly miss otherwise important personal events due to travel for work. It also allows me to block out my day outside of work. Using the planner this way, I can keep personal items off of my work Outlook calendar and keep work items off of my personal Google calendar. Too much bleed over would be bad in either direction.

    1. No problem, Laurie. I'm using the time over the Christmas break to really sit down and figure out my goals for the year. It's nice to have a planner that kind of forces me into not only making the plans, but also writing them down. I'm discovering the joy of writing again. If I'm not careful, I just might have to start journaling.

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