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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paperblanks 2014 planners New covers: post 2 of 2

This is my second post on the new covers in the 2014 Paperblanks planners lineup. See my post yesterday for my review of the gorgeous Grande Filigree Floral Ivory and Maxi French Ornate Bleu weekly planners.

Check out today's planners! Aren't they beautiful???

Because this post is already so photo-heavy, I won't show all the features and info pages of each planner. I showed representatives of pages like the international holidays etc. in my post yesterday, so you can go there to see features that all the planners have. I will show you details of anything that is different in these planners. Please note these planners do not have notes pages in the back, which is different from the larger planners I reviewed yesterday.

I'll show you each planner, then will go into details of each.This is the Laurel Birch Florescence Slim weekly planner:

This is the Flutterbyes Mini weekly planner:

This is the Poe Tamerlane Mini weekly planner:

And this is the Papaver Micro day-at-a-time:
I'll show you this one first. The Micro planners are tiny, measuring only 2 3/4 by 3 3/8 inches. But despite being so small they are very functional!

At the front of the book the monthly calendars are across two pages:

The weekdays each have their own page with Saturday and Sunday sharing a page. (Hand model is my daughter, who was enthusiastic to help me get the photographs taken quickly so she could have her French Ornate Bleu planner that I reviewed yesterday!)

At the back of the book there are monthly calendars for the future year.

There is no address booklet, but there is a pocket and an elastic strap closure.

This tiny book literally fits in the palm of my hand! It can easily go in any pocket.
My son grabbed this cool little book!

Next up, the Poe Tamerlane Mini weekly planner, which my son also promptly nabbed because he likes the magnetic flap closure:
This planner is part of the Embellished Manuscripts collection. Here it is with the magnetic closure open:
I love the rich purple color of this planner! You might remember I bought the 2013 Ultra size version of this planner to use as a notebook, which I wrote about here.

The Mini planners measure 3 3/4 by 5 1/2 inches, so they are very portable with a good page size. The monthly calendars at the front of the book are oriented this way for maximum writing space:

Here is the weekly view, and you can see the two ribbon page markers for marking your month and your current week:

There is a forward planner for the following year:

At the back of the book there is a pocket with an address booklet.
 (Don't forget you can see more details of the pages and features in yesterday's post.)

Here is the Flutterbyes Mini weekly planner, wow the cover is so beautiful!!

Here is a detail of the shimmery cover:
And here it is open so you can see the front and back:

This planner is the same size as the Poe Mini with the same style of monthly calendars:

Horizontal weekly format:
It has a back pocket and address booklet which has several blank perforated pages in the back, and an elastic strap closure if you want to use it.

I have to admit this one is my favorite: the Laurel Birch Florescence Slim weekly planner:

Here is a detail of the beautiful art on the cover:

And here it is open so you can see the front and back:

The Slim planners measure 3 3/4 by 7 inches, so they are proportionally taller and narrower than the others, giving a nice large page size in a slim and portable book.

The monthly calendars are in the front of the book with plenty of space to write in each day:

Here's a view with the book oriented horizontally:

The weekly pages have a horizontal layout with space at the bottom right page for notes, and there are two ribbon placemarkers.

There is a forward planner at the back of the book as well as all the information pages I showed details of in yesterday's post.

At the back of the book there is a pocket and address booklet, the last few pages of which are blank and perforated to tear out if you need a free piece of paper.

There is also an elastic closure strap if you want to use it.
I grabbed the Flutterbyes and Florescence planners before anyone else in my family could claim them! I will use them as notebooks instead of planners, since I am now using a notebook for daily records and my extensive lists. These gorgeous little books will go everywhere with me in my bag, and their beautiful covers and wonderful paper will make them a joy to use!

Between today's post and yesterday's, you have seen a sampling of the gorgeous Paperblanks 2014 planners which offer a selection of daily and weekly layouts in sizes from Micro to Grande and everything in between!

Huge enormous thanks to Paperblanks for sending me these beautiful planners to review!

You can find Paperblanks online at Paperblanks.com where you can see their entire selection of products and find stores near you.


  1. I LURVE the way they do the months horizontally--smart way to maximize space!

  2. Laurie,
    Can you explain more about how you use the planner as a notebook? I have quite a few that I have not thrown away. Do you use them as lists or just spare paper to write down things on?
    Carol from Maine

    1. Hi Carol I haven't started using these ones yet but this is how I'm using my current notebook: http://www.plannerisms.com/2013/11/how-im-indexing-my-notebook.html

      I would use these the same way, just ignoring the dates on the pages.


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