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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Greg's Renaissance Art leather Moleskine cover

Philofaxy reader Greg (whom we all know and love as gregorym) emailed me recently asking my planner advice.

For a long time he has gone back and forth between Filofax and Franklin Covey ring-bound planner systems.  But he had the realization that he never opens the rings to move any pages around, so what was the point of a ring-bound system?  He wanted to try switching to a bound-book planner and asked for my suggestions.  As we all know, I am always more than happy to provide planner suggestions!!

One of his criteria for a bound planner was that it must have a leather cover, sturdy and substantial, that would look good year after year of daily use.  I offered a few suggestions of planners that have leather cover options.  I also mentioned that he could get a Moleskine planner and have a custom leather cover made for it.  I am extremely happy with my custom leather cover by Renaissance Art, and directed Greg to their website to check out their wide selection of leathers, colors and styles of Moleskine covers.  When he told me he was looking for an Indiana Jones style leather cover, I knew he would love the Rustic Leather covers (which is what he ordered, with customization, in the photo at the top of this post).  It turned out great!

He also found a 2010 daily Moleskine planner still available online, for a great price, so he is able to start his new planner system immediately!

Greg, congratulations on your handsome new Ren Art cover, and good luck with your new daily Moleskine system!  Keep us updated as it progresses!


  1. Awesome job Laurie, explaining my situation perfectly.
    I will keep you updated as I am carrying both my Filo and my "perfect" new Moleskine/Ren Art.
    Love you for your help!!

  2. My pleasure, Greg! Glad I could help.

  3. this is beautiful, Greg. You're making me think about going bookbound! :D

  4. I am in the same boat, after years of using a classic size Franklin Covey planner I am seriously considering moving to a large Moleskine for 2015. I have a few concerns that I was hoping you all could help me with: A) Will large moleskine lay completely flat when open? (Will it do so with a Ren Art cover on it?) B) Where to store all the bigger stuff (2-3 pens, pen refills (gotta love Muji 0.3 pens), laser pointer, etc.) that won't fit in the pocket in the back of the Moleskine.

    I'm also debating between an annual planner or using GTD methodology with a square notebook. I am leaning towards the latter, so that I can take more notes when the need arises.

    1. Brian, yes the Moleskine books lay nicely flat when open, and stay open on their own even with a cover on. For storing pens etc, there are several options. A separate pen case, or a pen holder that straps onto the cover of the book. Moleskine is coming out with a fabric one soon, or there are various brands of leather or fabric ones.

      I haven't looked at Ren Art's selection lately, but see if they have some type of all in one cover that will fit on the book and hold several pens. If they don't have one on their website, you might contact them to see if they can custom make one for you.


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