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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

reecovid notepad

reecovid is a new brand of recycled notebooks (and soon, address books and diaries!) made of 100% post-consumer waste materials.  I received this beautiful notepad as a sample from the company.  Thank you reecovid!

The pretty designs on the cover are the female symbol evolving into a flower.

reecovid notepads are all gorgeous, and are each named after an environmentally-conscious woman.  This notepad I received is the Alicia notepad.  I love the pink and purple color combination!  The hard cover is biodegradable, with a bra-strap elastic closure which is a fun and feminine detail.

reecovid ("recovered") products are especially eco-friendly.

Their "waste, not chaste" logo means no virgin materials are used in the production of the products.
Sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of every feature.  The cover is a 2-ring binder, which is refillable with 100% post-consumer recycled paper reecovid notepad refills.  The cover can be re-used indefinitely, which reduces the number of covers that wind up in the landfill.  Used pages are fully recyclable.  In addition, the binders do not use animal glues that are commonly used in the book-binding process, so the products are in fact vegan.  You can read more about their "green checklist" for their products here and their Green Credentials here.

Inside the cover there is a pretty female-symbol pattern, which was a nice surprise when I opened the book.

The paper is A5 size, and holes punched with a standard (European) 2-hole punch fit on the rings.

The paper is thick and smooth, with a subtle rule:

I did ink tests with various pens, which you can see below:

On the back side of the page you can see there is absolutely no bleed-through, and you can barely even tell there's writing on the reverse:

The binder rings open easily for page removal or replacement.
The D rings are arranged so that the pages are not moved when the cover is opened and closed:

The products are eco-friendly, feminine and fun.  But it doesn't stop there: reecovid has a foundation for women in Africa to assist them in recovering from sexual violence. 

reecovid is based in Scotland (which of course I find especially exciting!), and all the products are produced in the UK.

You can find reecovid on Twitter (@reecovid) and on Facebook

Many thanks again to reecovid for this beautiful notepad!  I can hardly wait for the address books and diaries to come out!!


  1. 100% POST-consumer is so important. I always thought it was the same (pre and post) but post is much much better (i'm pretty sure every company does pre-consumer recycling). Very cute too!

  2. Shoplet that's an excellent point, it's very easy for brands to say their products are "recycled" when they've just used the scraps off their production room floor. It's a whole different thing to rescue paper from the landfill, de-ink it and remake it!

    And I have to say, my lame photos do not come close to doing this notebook justice. It is beautiful! And the cover is so sturdy, it will last forever.


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