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Friday, July 23, 2010

Result, Then Action

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year (which I keep in my planner for year-long visibility) is:

Think about what I want the RESULT to be, then work toward it.

This seems like Goal Setting 101, but thinking about it this way makes a big difference for me.

For example, one of the Results I want is to know more about world politics and events.  So, the actions I need to take toward that Result are to spend less time on blogs and more on news websites.  Since I have a limited amount of time I can spend on the computer, I have to prioritize.

Another example is, my household duties.  I am not naturally domestic, and I do not enjoy cleaning.  I definitely put the "or" in chore:  "I could clean, OR I could do something more fun!  Like watch grass grow."

But in reality, if I want things to work well at home, there are a lot of things that I need to do on a daily basis to keep up.  Thinking of the desired Result gives the endless loop of chores purpose.  When I reach for a towel/ shirt/ sock I want there to be a stack of them folded on the shelf.  That means I have to do the laundry regularly (which I am good at), then fold and put them away immediately (which I am not good at).  The result is always having towels/ shirts/ socks on hand.

I guess the distinction for me is, rather than big Achievement Goals like getting a degree or running a marathon, my Results are things I can achieve on a daily basis.  And the good news is, unlike long-term Goals, I can see Results immediately (if I do the Actions).


  1. Now, it's a strange thing but I happen to LIKE folding the laundry - straight from the tumble dryer where it gets its last dry and soften - then by folding it hot/warm I have to do less ironing - that I REALLY like!

  2. and never let it be said that Lords of the Realm do no domestic work...


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