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Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again!!

Please take a minute to read my slightly manic Philofaxy post from one year ago today, It's That Time of Year Again!!  In it I express my excitement about the plethora of planners available this time of year, ask readers about their own planner setup, hope for my own Planner Nirvana, and tell a funny story about my pet hermit crab.

A special shout-out and bigtime Thank You to those of you who commented on this post last year and who are STILL reading my planner ramblings an entire year later.  You're awesome!  Thanks for sticking by my side.  Maybe together we can reach Planner Nirvana!

What's different about your current planner setup than what you were using last year?  Is it the same? Or is it radically different?  Do you feel you have achieved Planner Nirvana, or like so many of us, are you still searching?


  1. Hi Laurie,
    I'm using a different setup than last year - the new Moleskine 18-month calendar (I've tried about 4 different calendar types in last 4 years!). I really like this one - it solves my issue of having enough note space but still being small / slim to travel with on business trips. I do have another slim soft cover moleskine that I started in March - I "hijacked" it for GTD. This along with calendar are working great and both together are still smaller than the binders I had in the past.
    I've also been looking for "Planner Nirvana" so found it fun to discover your blog about a month ago.

  2. Ah, the hermet crab post. I remember it well : )

    I have come to the conclusion that Planner Nirvana is NOT the system we come up with for using them, but rather the PROCESS of continually evolving our planners to expand & contract with our lives.

    To me it's starting to feel like a form of meditation...

  3. Yv, I love that. It is definitely a process.

    Hi Karensa, thanks for reading! I'm glad you are enjoying Plannerisms. I used a Moleskine 18 month weekly notebook for most of the past year, and it is great for keeping weekly lists along with the current week's schedule.

  4. Oddly enough, I have the same system. I have tried various other things - my few months with the slimline and thinking about downsizing to the pocket size. But honestly, I always come back to the same thing. So why do I even consider changing? But like Yv said, it's a process and one that can tell us what we really like and need, and if our needs and wants change, well then the system can help us do that.

    I recently received my 2011 inserts so one of my projects for the day is to get that set up. Hopefully I will be able to get that done.

  5. A year ago I was still on Personal size, I changed back to A5 in October and really felt like coming home! I agree that planner nirvana doesn't come with the planner, there's not even such a thing as the perfect system. I love the flexibility and always being able to add something to the system, remove something else, and I keep on tweaking and making my Filo even better! Since life changes, why should your planner always stay the same?


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