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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leuchtturm Master Size Weekly Planners

Leuchtturm 1917 very generously sent me two of their Master size weekly planners to review.  Thank you Leuchtturm!

These planners are huge at 225 x 315 mm  (approx 12 1/2 x 9 inches).  They are larger than A4 paper so that you can put A4 pages into them without folding or bending the papers.  Obviously you won't be taking this planner around with you everywhere, but if you carry a laptop case or briefcase for work then it's entirely reasonable to fit one of these planners into your bag.  They are excellent desk planners.

I have the 2010 Weekly Planner and the Weekly Planner + Notebook

Here is the Weekly Planner:

It has all 7 days as columns across the huge two-page spread (click on photo for larger view):

Notice my Pilot V5 pen for scale.  This book is huge!

This would be excellent for someone who is very busy, or to schedule everyone in an office into the same book.  Each daily column is timed from 7:00 to 22:00, and below each column is a large space for daily Notes.  The 8th column has last-this-next months with the current week highlighted, and more space for notes below.  The print is faint and unobtrusive so your writing will really stand out.  Holidays are indicated with the country abbreviations at the very bottom of each day's Notes space.

Here is the Weekly Planner + Notebook :

It has the familiar week + notes format that is so popular these days (with good reason in my opinion, it's an extremely useful format):

Notice my pen again and my hand for scale.  Everything on this weekly format is scaled up to the size of the book, giving it a very Alice In Wonderland feel: the print is larger, even the line spacing on the notes page is larger (the ruled lines are nearly half an inch apart!).  Holidays are indicated in each day's space with the country's abbreviation.  This again would be an excellent planner for someone who is very busy, and who also wants to take notes each week.

Both of these weekly formats have the same features: hard cover, ribbon placemarker, elastic strap, and pocket in the back.

These planners have monthly planning pages with the months as columns and a line per day:

There are also annual planning pages for the current and future year:

Here is a very cool feature: Project Planning pages for the entire year:

In the back of each book there is a full-page size card that is quadruled on one side and lined on the other to place under your page for tidy writing, sketching or graphs.  Each book also has a page of stickers to label the cover and spine of your book, and a booklet that fits into the back pocket:

 This booklet contains an annual planner that you could use for any year, or to record birthdays and anniversaries that recur each year:

The rest of the booklet consists of tabbed alphabetical pages:

The planners are thread bound with acid-free paper.

When the 2011 Master size Leuchhturm planners become available, you can find them at Journaling Arts for excellent prices.

Many thanks again to Leuchtturm 1917 for sending me so many of their excellent products to review! You can see all of my Leuchtturm reviews here.


  1. Wow!!!!! This book is awesome. It's like magic spell book of planners! I want one!

  2. These are really cool! I'd love to have one for my desk

  3. great review- interesting enough that has made me want one...


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